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Christina Mouser
Great products

I had purchased the starter kit because they Sphynx cats can be sensitive to a lot of products. I really like how clean it got him and how his skin felt after bathing.

Dru Billings
Bang for your buck

This box pretty much has all the basic needs of hygiene for a hairless animal making this a perfect gift or restock option. The only thing you could possibly need that is not in this box is still made by the company and it also worth every drop, Paw Cleaner. It gives you 2 different shampoos to help you determine which one will work best for you and your pet. I alternate between both because I love the way they both work but I do like the lather on the 2-1 in better! Overall I adore this brand and love their products and would be in an absolute pickle without it.
IMPORTANT: read the directions!! I know conditioner seems pretty self explanatory and eyewash looks basic, but READ! You’ll use it wrong, then kick yourself later for wasting it if you don’t.

Betsy Wheeler
Wonderful kit!

I just got a Sphynx and this is the perfect kit! It has everything you need and just the right size to try it all out. Will definitely be ordering full size products!

Erica Navarro

So far I have only used the products twice but I like it so far

Makes Grooming Easy!

Mako is our new Bambino kitten and after reading up on hairless cats, I came across Renewed Pet and decided to take a chance on the sample box to get us started! Best purchase ever for grooming! Thank You!