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April knows!

I was so delighted to speak with April and connect through a mutual acquaintance. I have five dogs and two with special dietary needs due to health conditions. April was able to help me with a recipe that is nutritionally sound AND the best part is all five of them can eat it. I don't have time to make 3 separate homemade meals! She also took time to educate me about a few supplements that will serve the furrry kids well!!

Incredibly helpful and responsive!

My sphynx Dobby had been suffering from diarrhea for well over a year but we were very limited in our options with pre-made food from the vet due to her food allergies. April helped us figure out what proteins Dobby is allergic to and helped guide me through the whole process of making a fully homemade, cooked and diverse diet for her. April also helped a lot with some very annoying attention seeking behaviors that Dobby began exhibiting after we brought our new baby home. Dobby is now living her best little life with lots of playtime, snuggles and a healthy GI tract.

Homemade Raw

I was wanting to learn how to make my own homemade raw but was super nervous about it. April made it so easy, with a phone call, chats, and videos to follow a step by step recipe. She answered every question I had and never once felt like I was rushed. I was so excited and proud of my first batch. I couldn’t have done it without her! Highly recommend April for any of your needs.

Informative consult

Thank you April for a very informative consultation. I was very satisfied with the approach and information provided. You were very willing to listen to my issues and made sure to answer all my questions and take the time to make sure I understood everything we went over. Thank you so much. We cant wait to start these recommendations.

”cured my Quinn’s IBS

Emergency vet said medication forever with no cure for my Quinn’s IBS. Wanted to switch to raw but was nervous about making sure I provided the best diet for nutrition. Found April in a group discussion about raw foods and the benefits along with CURING IBS. After an array of attempts with nothing working. Everything April said made complete sense, we were eager to try. Quinn showed immediate personality changes, more became more alert and outgoing then ever before. Her stool was no longer falling out of her as she stepped into the litter box. She had extreme diarrhea and even underwent a facial transplant looking for a cure. It was a temporary fix and we were ready to repeat the procedure. Within a few months the transformation unfolded. Our sensitive, sick little girl is now playing, jumping for bugs at the window. She is interested and curious about everything like she is seeing it for the first time. She finally feels well enough to enjoy life 💚 April helped every step of the way, she was patient and explained everything thoroughly. I have high anxiety and believe me, a big change to your babies food can be really scary. I worry and over think everything and even I feel confident now with April’s help. Even though Quinn’s has now been released as a patient and is like a new cat. I recommend April 100% worth it!!!