The ULTIMATE Guide to Cat Sleep!

The ULTIMATE Guide to Cat Sleep!

The ULTIMATE Guide to Cat Sleep!

Sleep is a magical thing - it resets mood, heals the body and is the ultimate relaxing experience. This is true for our cats too. Providing them with several places to nestle down is imperative if you want a happy cat - from soft luxurious cat beds, to warm and cozy window beds, there is nothing your kitty will love more than a comfy place to rest.

Over here at Renewed Pet we are dedicated to making things as easy as possible for our pet parents, so here we bring you the ULTIMATE guide to cat sleeping habits. If you have a kitty who is suddenly sleeping more than usual, here are 7 possible reasons why…


Very young kittens and elderly cats require more sleep than their middle aged counterparts. Generally, cats sleep between 12 and 18 hours a day, with very young and very old cats creeping closer to the 18 hour mark. 

Evolutionary History

Cats are obligate carnivores which means they are designed to hunt. Hunting prey requires a huge amount of energy - stalking, catching and killing your food multiple times a day is tiring. This means cats are also biologically wired to need plenty of rest too.

They Are Crepuscular Animals

Cats are naturally most active during our sleeping window, so they will be sleeping during our most active period - daytime. Nighttime adventures are tiring!


Yes, cats can get bored too. They need physical and mental stimulation to be healthy, so be sure to include a couple of focused and dedicated play sessions with your kitty into your daily routine.

Stress and Anxiety

Cats are extremely sensitive creatures. Changes to their regular routine, like moving house, a new pet or even just changing your furniture around can cause your cat to feel stressed and anxious. They then hunker down to sleep as a coping mechanism.

Serious Illness

There are several nasty diseases that will result in your cat sleeping more than usual. Read about the common offenders HERE

Injury, Infection, or Wounds

If your kitty has hurt themselves on one of their madcap adventures or if they are fighting a bacterial or viral infection, they may sleep more as their immune system works to heal them.

So there you have it folks - a complete round-up of all the reasons your kitty might be sleeping excessively. Remember, if anything at all feels off in their behavior a trip to the vet will put your mind at ease to rule out anything sinister, so always err on the side of caution with your precious babies.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H


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