Do This BEFORE Your Pet Has An Emergency

Do This BEFORE Your Pet Has An Emergency

Do This BEFORE Your Pet Has An Emergency

As pet parents, we don't like to imagine anything happening to our precious babies - it's just too horrible to contemplate. However, since our pets are totally reliant on us for their health and well being, that means preparing for the worst (and then praying hard that it won't happen).

If you have a pet, here is something you should definitely do before the unthinkable happens!


If your pet is having an emergency,  it's chaotic, stressful and often you cannot think clearly, which can end up wasting precious time.

So before you're in the throes of panic with a sick or hurt pet, you need to make sure you have located your nearest emergency veterinary clinic and have their number, address and point of contact programmed into your phone. This is one of those not so fun parts of pet parenting that is unfortunately a necessary evil.

To find your nearest emergency Vet, you can do a Google search or talk to your regular vet to recommend the best place in your area to take your pet in the event of an emergency. 

It is also a good idea to have these poison control numbers on hand too just in case your pet eats something they shouldn't. Both the Pet Poison Helpline and the ASPCA Animal Poison Control have a 24/7 dedicated helpline with trained and experienced staff to guide and advise you if you suspect your pet has been poisoned. Keeping some coconut charcoal on hand in your pet first aid box is also a fabulous precaution.

When your pet has an emergency every second can count so be sure you are prepared ahead of time with all the information you need so your babies can get the care they need when it counts.

And if you can, pet insurance is always a great idea for those expensive and unforeseen pet mishaps - you can never be too prepared!

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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