Switching Your Cat's Food Can Be EASY!

Switching Your Cat's Food Can Be EASY!

Switching Your Cat's Food Can Be EASY!

Healthy Diet = Healthy Body and Mind!

This equation is true for any living being. The better you eat, the better your mental health and physical condition is.

Switching your cat over to a fresh food diet is THE BEST thing that you can do for their health and longevity. Why? Because this is the way they are supposed to eat from an evolutionary perspective. There was no kibble out in the wild thousands of years ago and cats survived to be the pampered house pets (who am I kidding, house BOSSES) they are today.

Now, I can almost see you visibly recoil from the screen as you contemplate changing your cat’s diet, but if you follow my PROVEN step-by-step process, you will be amazed at just how EASY and SIMPLE it is!

Here’s what you do if your precious kitty launches a massive revolution and refuses to eat the new food you’ve bought…


Firstly, pick up that kibble buffet and start by giving them their regular food in smaller measured out portions 2 to 3 times per day. Look at how much dried food they are supposed to eat each day and divide that up into time scheduled meals.

When your kitty has adjusted to timed meals, you add a small amount of quality canned food at each meal time. Over the course of a couple of weeks you slowly increase the amount of canned food and decrease the dried food with the goal being to get them to eat no dried food at all each meal. 

Once your cat is eating a 100% canned food diet, you have a couple of options. You can either start transitioning them onto a fresh gently cooked food or a freeze dried raw food - both of these options work really well.

Now following the same process over a few weeks your goal is to get them onto a completely freeze dried raw or fresh gently cooked diet. Once they are eating that, then you can start to switch them to a frozen raw diet which is the best diet your cat can eat.

Now I cannot stress enough that if you are serious about your cat’s overall health, you need to be PATIENT and CONSISTENT - do not give up at the first hurdle or refused meal. All cats are different - some may make the switch between foods within a week, some may take several months to accept a new food. If you are diligent and persevere, it doesn’t matter how picky your kitty is, you can get them onto a healthier, quality diet.

I have compiled this easy visual for you to make the whole process even easier for you. Download it here and put it up somewhere in your home for easy reference.

And then when you have successfully switched them over, check out my simple and cost-effective course on how to make homemade pet food in minutes. And if cooking yourself is not an option, here are my top recommendations for commercially made fresh pet foods.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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