Why Corn-Based Cat Litter Can Be a Danger For Your Cats!

Why Corn-Based Cat Litter Can Be a Danger For Your Cats!

Why Corn-Based Cat Litter Can Be a Danger For Your Cats!

Do you know that corn based litters can be extremely dangerous for your kitty? If not, read on to find out the scary truth you need to know about corn cat litter…



It is a well-known and recognized truth that corn can be contaminated with fungal spores called aflatoxins. These aflatoxins can grow and flourish especially when they get wet and this is why corn based cat litter can be such a danger to your cat.

We aren’t talking about mild illness here, we’re talking about serious complications, like lethargy, kidney and liver disease, blood conditions and ultimately death if these fungal spores cause contamination in high enough quantities. 

These fungal spores can also make you very ill as well and have been shown to cause liver cancer in humans.

And if you weren’t scared off of corn litters for life due to aflatoxins, then it’s important to also realize that corn is known to be a high GMO crop and can be cross contaminated with other things like gluten and usually tests quite high for levels of pesticides.

Be very careful when considering bringing a corn litter into your home and be fully informed of the dangers.

I personally never use corn cat litter for my cats, the risk is simply too high and I never recommend them to people. 

If you would like a safe, pet coach approved cat litter for your babies, check out my list of recommendations here.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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