If Your Cat is NOT Using the Litter Box - Do THIS! Part 10...

If Your Cat is NOT Using the Litter Box - Do THIS! Part 10...

If Your Cat is NOT Using the Litter Box - Do THIS! Part 10...

So, you have multiple big, shallow rectangular steel litter boxes full of lovely soft cat-safe litter and you have put them in utopian spots in your home. You keep that box shiny clean (even cleaner than your own loo), you have monitored for litter box aggression, have wiped your kitty’s scent all over your house to calm them after scrubbing the whole house top to bottom with an enzymatic cleaner and putting them in a quarantined area and STILL your precious purr-factory WILL NOT cooperate with you and use their litter box!

AAAAAAAARG! I’m sure by now you are rocking in the corner pulling out tufts of hair while maniacally laughing and chanting “must use litter box” over and over! Don’t despair - I’ve got you - all is not yet lost!



These types of cats need a professional because you have now done everything in your power to correct this issue. You need to hire yourself a feline behaviorist. 

A feline behaviorist is trained and certified and understands feline psychology and will help you to navigate through your particular set of circumstances.

However I caution you to not just go online and Google “feline behaviorist” and choose the first one you see. You want to do your homework and check that you choose someone who is actually qualified to help you and your kitty. Sadly, the internet is full of charlatans who will take your money and produce no resolutions.

A great website is IAABC.org which is a host for many different types of animal behaviorists and they make sure that everyone has the necessary training and credentials so you are sure to find someone in your area to help you.

Alternatively you can book a consultation with me and I will help you get to the bottom of your litter box issues for good!

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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