If Your Cat Is NOT Using The Litter Box - Do THIS! Part 6...

If Your Cat Is NOT Using The Litter Box - Do THIS! Part 6...

If Your Cat Is NOT Using The Litter Box - Do THIS! Part 6...

We are now halfway through our exploration of all the reasons your kitty might not be wanting to use the litter box and by now I’m sure you feel like a connoisseur! Cats are complicated creatures and they like things just right - it’s not enough to have the right number and type of super-clean litter boxes in the most perfect poop-spot, if you are using the wrong litter.


Choosing the right litter for your cat is an extremely important variable when it comes to them deciding if they will use the litter box or not. 

They may not like the texture of the litter - if they have sensitive feet the litter may feel abrasive and unpleasant and in some cases large pieces of litter may actually hurt them as they walk on it. (This is the equivalent of cheap one-ply toilet paper for humans - it sometimes hurts!)

The smell of the litter may be off-putting especially if there are a lot of synthetic chemicals that have been added for odor control.

They may even be allergic to the litter - this can present as skin irritation on their underbelly, paws, or rear end. If your cat is having an active skin flare up, the best thing to use to soothe and heal is our restorative shampoo and conditioner - skin troubles be gone!

If the litter is very dusty, they may have respiratory issues as the litter dust can aggravate their nasal passage and throat which can make them reluctant to use the litter box in favor of your freshly laundered duvet cover. 

If your kitty has allergies, the best litter you can use to ensure that none of the above issues CAN happen is a hypoallergenic litter - these litters have no added chemicals or fragrances and are dust-free. I also urge you to look for litter that is made of really small particles so it’s soft on your kitty’s paws. 

It can be hard to know off the bat which litter to buy, so why not let your cat tell you. Go on a shopping spree and get 3 or 4 different litters to try. Put one in each litter box and then monitor which one your cat prefers to use - then use that one going forward as you know they like it. I guarantee you, it will be cheaper than replacing your rug or your bedding!

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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