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ReNewedPet® grooming and health products are Holistic Vet Approved, and each made with only 100% natural, non-gmo, and organic ingredients. We use only the finest sourced ingredients which help extend health and longevity to your pets along with health-promoting, earth friendly ingredients, and packaging.





HALF SIZE:  Pine Bark Supplement (1.2 oz.) Jar

FULL SIZE:  Pine Bark Supplement (2.8 oz.) Jar


ReNewedPet® Pine Bark Powder for Pets: This 100% all-natural pine bark powder is from sustainably sourced pine trees free of any chemical pesticides or sprays.

ReNewedPet® pine powder is completely safe, natural, and effective for both dogs and cats. Great supplement for those pets suffering with any inflammatory conditions such as, inflammatory bowel disease, arthritis, heart disease, or allergies.  

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Add 1 scoop (195mg) per 10 lbs. of pet's body weight into a wet food meal or treat once daily.  Can be used long-term. 


Ingredients: pine bark powder.




*Only the best natural, non-gmo and organic ingredients; purchased solely from US companies.

*All products and ingredients are safe for cats, dogs and select products for use on other large and small animals.

*Formulated by April Arguin A.S., C.P.N, P.M.H (associates in science, certified pet nutritionist & pet master herbalist).


"Give your pets the best of the natural life!"

~Team ReNewedPet®


DISCLAIMER:  ReNewedPet® is not liable for any individual reaction that may occur resulting from use of our products.  Our products provide gentle, non-irritating ingredients.  However, as all pets are different, we do recommend that you always check for sensitivity by performing an allergy patch test, or a reduced dose of any oral supplements prior to the initial use of any new product.  A patch test is performed by applying a small amount of product, as instructed; wait a period of 24 hours.  If any redness or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use, and contact your veterinarian. 

Customer Reviews

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Excellent Pine Bark!

This is truly THE BEST pine bark product for your pet! I want my kitty to have the best quality and pure products as we do for ourselves and I am pleased and relieved to have found this pine bark product. It is as pure as they come! No added fillers, preservatives, chemicals, or natural flavoring--nothing but pure and mighty pine bark powder. It even comes with a mini scoop which makes measuring so easy and convenient. My cat took a tumble from the banister in our home and fortunately she had no breaks and trotted away, but a bit later she started having difficulty going down the stairs. We immediately knew from our own knocks and aches pine bark was needed. The challenge was finding one that met our standards. This is it!! She is now running down the stairs again, swatting her balls, doing acrobatics chasing the mouse toy, and kneading the comforter! We have our baby back! Thank you ReNewedPet! She really is renewed, restored, and rejuvenated. I rarely write reviews, but I had to do it for you all because you have an excellent product that helped my pet. KUDOS to the entire team and we appreciate you!!