Here you will find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions from pet-parents like yourself! Please message us anytime with additional questions via the chat feature on the website or directly to our email at info@renewedpet.com
How can we help?


What is your Handling Time?

We have a 3-5 day processing time to get your order ready for shipping, although typically if your order is only a few items, it will be shipped on the very next business day. Large orders of 10+ items, may need the full 5 days handling time, as all products are made in small batches. 

What are the Shipping Options?

We offer standard usps as well as UPS ground shipping, which will require 7-10 days arrival of all domestic orders (US), and up to 45 days for international orders. We also offer priority shipping through usps which will get your domestic packages to you in 1-3 days (after arriving to the mailing facility), and international orders within 1-3 weeks. 

What are Shipping Costs?

The cost of shipping is dependent on the weight of the products you wish to order. To determine shipping costs, simply add products you are interested in purchasing to your cart and begin the checkout procedure; before being billed you will have an option to select the shipping option you would like and you will be notified of the shipping costs before continuing with your order.

Do you offer FREE Shipping?

We do offer free shipping on all domestic orders (US) of $75 and greater, and all international orders of $250 and greater. We highly recommend taking advantage of this feature as it is a big savings! 

Why is International Shipping so costly?

There is a flat $19 charge to send any package internationally, and many of our products are heavy due to being liquids, the fee adds up quickly because shipping costs are determined by weight.  We recommend purchasing $250 or more on your order to qualify for free shipping; we also offer a 10% international order discount you can apply at the time of checkout by using code: INTERNATIONAL10.

What is your return policy?

We offer a full refund, less shipping costs on all un-opened products; products which the seal has been broken and used are not eligible for refund. 

We also offer a full refund on pet shower caps only if they have NOT been tried on your pet, or stained or damaged in any way.

All human merchandise including T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, onesie's, mugs, are not eligible for refund so please be sure to refer to the sizing charts to purchase the correct sizes. 

Products & Ordering

Can I sample your products before buying?

ReNewedPet® offers a 2 options for you to sample our products. 

a. You can purchase one of our "pet grooming sample kits" which you will find available in options for hairless cats, hairless dogs, skinny pigs, fur-cats, or fur-dogs. These kits offer a 1 once sample bottle of the essential grooming products for your pet at a reduced price. 

b. We also offer FREE samples (US ONLY) on a few limited items form our catalog which you can receive by contacting us directly at: info@renewedpet.com

Internaitonal customers cna recieve the samples for free, however, must pay a $14 shipping fee.

Do you offer any discounts?

 All new customers are eligible for a 15% discount on their 1st orders. Use code: PETFAM15. Also, we offer a 10% shipping discount on international shipping use code: INTERNATIONAL10. We also have 25-35% off sales for each major holiday so be certain to subscribe to our email mailing list to be notified!

Why do your shampoo's not lather very much?

ReNewedPet® shampoos are made with 100% natural ingredients which do not include the synthetic chemical lathering agents, SLS or SLES. Thankfully, lathering is not a requirement for a product to work well, it is simply a marketing technique which was employed several decades ago to increase product sales. We do not include these ingredients, because these synthetic chemicals can disrupt the health of your pet's sensitive skin. Thankfully, the natural soaps in our products CAN be worked up into a moderate lather by following this procedure:

a. put on exfoliating gloves.

b. wet gloves thoroughly with warm water.

c. apply liberal amount of shampoo to gloves (golf-ball sized amount).

d. vigorously rub hands together for a minimum of 30 seconds and you will create a moderate lather.

e. If you want an even thicker greater lather, we recommend purchasing a small bath sponge from your local pharmacy or from our website to use in addition to the bath gloves, and follow same procedure.

We also recommend watching our how-to-use videos where we demonstrate how to best bathe your pet and lather the shampoos yourself: https://bit.ly/HOWTOUSEVIDS

Which Shampoo Formula is Best for my Pet?

ReNewedPet® offers 3 formulas of shampoo & conditioners 4-hairless pets, as well as the 2-in-1 shampoo/conditioners 4-fur pets designed to meet the unique skin health needs of each pet.

a. Regular formula shampoos & conditioners are perfect for pets with normal/oily skin.

b. Sensitive formula shampoos & conditioners are perfect for pets with sensitive/dry skin.

c. Restorative formula shampoos & conditioners are perfect for pets with an active rash.

Are your Products Safe for all Pets?

ReNewedPet® GROOMING products are designed to be safe for all breeds of cats and dogs, as well all ages. Limited grooming products are also safe for small animals like skinny pigs.

ReNewedPet® HEALTH products however, while also safe for all cats and dogs, some products are only safe for pets over 3 months of age, and some are not safe for any other small animal breed. Please be sure to thoroughly read each listing. 

Which products do I need for my Hairless Cat, or Hairless Dog?

We recommend starting with one of our ReNewedPet® “Pet Grooming Kits" which we have available for hairless cats, hairless dogs, and even fur pets, and skinny pigs. The kits include the essentials you will need for regular grooming of your pet: Bath Shampoo, Conditioner (4-hairless pets), Waterless shampoo (4-hairless pets), Ear-Cleaning Drops, Eyewash, Nail/Paw Cleaner, Bootywash, Toothpaste, Pet Toothbrush, and Exfoliating Bath Gloves.

My Hairless Cat is always Dirty a few day after a bath... why does this happen?

That is exactly what happens with other “regular” shampoo products made for pets with fur because there is too little oil and too much soap ratio. ReNewedPet® products 4-hairless pets contain the required 30% more OIL in the formula, and less soap which is drying to a pet's skin; strips off the natural sebum causing them to produce “re-bound” oil immediately after the bath. ReNewedPet® 4-hairless pets products instead leave your pet moisturized with the oils in the product replenishing what the soap removes which prevents the re-bound oil. Also, applying our skin conditioning oil immediately after the bath while the skin is wet helps to lock-in the moisture and extends the time your pet stays clean. Most pets can go 2 weeks or more between baths with our products. 

Please watch the "How-to-Use-Videos" which will demonstrate exactly how to use the shampoo & conditioner for your pet. https://bit.ly/HOWTOUSEVIDS

Are your products certified?

ReNewedPet® products are currently not certified by any regulating committee. This is due to the fact that there are very few organizations which offer any type of certifications for all natural products, versus products made with synthetic agents. We do plan in the near future to become certified with the NASC however, which is a wonderful certifying agency offering certification to small organic businesses like ours. You can learn more about the organization here: https://www.nasc.cc/   

Each of our products were created by April Arguin (PetCoachApril) who is a certified pet nutritionist and master pet herbalist (C.P.N., M.P.H.). Also, each products formula has been independently reviewed by a licensed USDA certified organic cosmetologist to ensure safety and quality of formulas. 

Do you get Commissions on Referred Products?

RenewedPet is an Amazon Affiliate. Therefore, and of the products we recommend which can be found on Amazon do earn us a small commission. However, we never recommend any items just for the commission earned, we must also love the product and would use it ourselves on our own animals. Assan Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.