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All of our happy healthy pet customers!

I Love how it conditions my Sphynx skin as well. It's PURRRFECT for using between waterbaths. I was also Really nervous about bathing my queen while she was pregnant because she doesn't like the bath so this REALLY HELPED. All My families will be referred to you. Thank you from me and Nakies R Us Cattery.

Katie L.

Super fast shipping, great packaging, and a great price! Wonderful shop and shopping experience. My kit came with so many goodies for my sweet boy!

Sara J.

I am so happy to have found Nudie Naturals to help the naked rats in my rattery maintain healthy skin and clear eyes. I have used the Waterless Shampoo Sensitive Skin formula, and the Eye Wash and Eye Drops. I have found the Waterless Shampoo helps gently remove any build up of dirt and/or buck grease so that my rats are camera ready! I use the Eye Wash to gently remove any porphyrin from around the eyes and the Eye Drops to help those naked rats that suffer from abrasions from inverted eyelashes. Being able to try these products myself and see that they work first hand so well, I am able to recommend them without hesitation to my adopters!


Used this to bathe my skinny pig Pearl. Her skin tends to get a little dry. This shampoo & conditioner makes her feel so soft and smooth. Her skin is moisturized and Pearl seems to be more content.


The shampoo & conditioner from NudieNaturals works wonderfully! I have used the products for both water and waterless baths on my 4 month old kitten, and it leaves her skin feeling smooth and moisturized. I would definitely recommend these to others who are wanting a completely organic product that they can feel comfortable using on their pet. Shoutout to LiLNudists cattery! 😊

Calley L.

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