Welcome to the ReNewedPet-Influencers Program!

We have created this program in response to the growing interest on social media made by pet parents just like yourself, who love our product and would like to help spread the word to others, show-off their adorable pets, and earn some easy additional income!

How the Program Works:

1) Complete the Pet Influencer Application below.

2) We will review your application and decide if we are interested in working with you.

3) You and your pet will then create the photo/video content. You submit the content to us to review.

4) We will review your content and decide if it meets our standards for use. If your content meets our standards and we choose to use it we will offer you a minimum payment for your content.

5) We will then schedule a day to post your content to our social media platforms. 48-72 hours after posting your content we will analyze how your photos/videos performed on our social platforms and we will then decide on your final earnings.  Depending on how your content performs, you may receive only the minimum payment originally promised, or your earnings may be consideraly more if your content performed extremely well.

6) ReNewedPet then submits final payment to you.


How frequent can I submit content?

You may submit content on a one time basis, or on an on-going basis and create and ongoing working relationship with our company.  However, in an attempt to ensure we continue to publish a wide variety of content from unique creators, we will only consider new content from any one individual creator once per month.


What type of content should I create?

Photo content or video content (or both — up to you!)

Do you have examples of content style you're looking for?

Yes! Scroll to the gallery below for photo + video examples.

How can my pet be considered?

Please complete the application form below. Be sure to enter all applicable information completely or form will not be processed.