Breeder Program


Here at ReNewedPet we understand the daily hard work, the sacrifice and commitment it requires to raise beautiful, healthy, well socialized pets for families.  That is why we have created our breeder-program to give back to our breeders community.  Just for being a breeder you are eligible for 15% off any item in our store, at anytime, with no minimum purchase requirement!  Simply message us now and we will make your unique discount code!

 In addition to our fantastic breeder discount, we also have $20 discount cards which you can give out to all of your new puppy, kitten, or adopters of any small animals for your babies new families to use to get their pets started out on the proper grooming, or health supplies they need to keep their baby healthy and happy for life with all natural, pet-safe, earth-safe products! 


Simply message us NOW to earn the spot in our breeder program you deserve!