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Tammy Gurlea
Love the products

I’ve been ordering these products since obtaining my first hairless cat 2 1/2 yrs ago. The products work wonderful. I will continue to use forever!!

Dawn Lawson
Fantastic Company

I am absolutely thrilled to find a company that sells products for my hairless kittens.
It’s even better that they were willing to send me FREE samples of the products to be sure my kittens did not have any allergic reactions prior to placing my full order.
I have shared this website with several of my friends that have a passion for our hairless pets!!!

booty boooty booty

Booty wash are there even words to describe its amazing qualities... If you are reading this because you're not sure if this is even necessary to that I say... our nakid babies should not ever have tail stain or poop sprinkles stuck down there, I prefer my girls to not groom tat area however they still do occasionally.. lol but by using booty wash once a day or more ( gauge by 'looking' they stay so clean they tend not to put their cute little pursey lips down there yes same ones I get my smooches from hence my obsession with the clean but thing any time there is a need just a dab onto reusable pad apply to bum area not wiping let it sit till it starts to get runny and gently pat again with cotton pad and again I don't wipe I dab and pat till clean.
before baths I apply booty wash let sit then dab off then the rest is cleaned in the bath if any remains
one of my girls is a reversed tuxedo so she's PINK Pink with grey n black spots she shows stains more than the other two however her tail is pristine like new..

so I say YES YES you will not regret it!!
at first it maybe a bit over stimulating just be calm and take your time they will love you and soon they'll ask you to clean them when they feel dirty

Judith Diaz
Useful tool

The nail cleaner has made cleaning my Sphynx paws & nails incredibly easy. He hasn’t had a hot spot since the 2nd time I used it. It leaves his paws clean and protected. I’m so grateful to have such a useful tool to care for my baby (:

Philene Harston
Love these products

So glad I tried these products. I initially bought the box of various products, which I encourage you to do. It's a great way to try all the products without a huge investment. The nail cleaner and leave in conditioner are my favorite. Makes nail cleaning a snap!

Angelina Kelly
Cat kit

I’ve bought 2 kits so far they’re amazing, very gentle on my babies skin and I love that they’re organic


I purchased the Cat Regular Kit. I used it this evening during my baby girl’s bath time, and it was wonderful. The booty wash made things so much easier and faster, which is a relief considering she gets cranky when I use other wipes to clean her behind lol. The shampoo was super quick to remove the oily spots she gets beneath her legs and on her neck, and the conditioner made her skin feel moisturized and so soft—yet not greasy at all. Also loved the nail and ear cleaners. Will definitely be buying larger sizes for the future, thank you!

great products, even better customer service!!

I ordered the naked pet pack, I loved everything in there. It works great on my sphynx, she has never been more soft. I had a question about the product so I emailed and got a very fast response. I am very happy I finally ordered after seeing for a while!

Clean face even a week later

I’m really appreciating these products as time goes on after his bath. As many hairless cat owners know the tried and true test of hairless cat bathing products is if they stay clean after their bath here we are over a week later and Norths, beautiful face and ears are still clean.

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Airie McCready
Very gentle

I like these products a lot, they are exactly as described. Very gentle on my hairless, cat skin, and ears.

So soft!

As someone who used to produce her own hairless cat bathing products, but no longer does I decided to try these, and was blown away. Not only do they seem incredibly gentle, but it didn’t take much effort to get all the dirt off of my Sphynx cat North, and then, after putting the conditioner on him I have a very soft, glowing big boy. I also tried the eardrops and the foot cleaner, and I must say, that ears and claws have never been so clean. Four paws up for these products!

Paul Buczkowski

Good stuff

Kendra R

Great product I been recommending it to others with hairless pets

Robert Thurston
Excellent products, greatvservice

As a first time sphynx parent, decided to try some samples. Works better than expected and will definitely be ordering more.

Jaclyn Gallegos
Satisfied customer

I absolutely love the products provide for my Sphynx cat. Their products are gentle and so unique.

cheryl church
Love these products!

I love that these are made with our nekkid girls in glad I found this company!!

game changer!

my sphynx baby has struggled with excessive ear wax since I got him. I tried everything and I felt like I was cleaning his ears every day. this ear cleaner has changed the game! after using for only a few days I noticed a difference. It’s gentle on his ears and easy to use! I’ll never use anything else again and would highly recommend!

Thank you!

Great company. Quick replies and helpful how to videos. My first sphynx so the videos are really helpful

Miss adrianna kowalewska
Great product

I really like all the options. My babies skin feels so soft after bathing

josephine Franco
Great website

This website has all the supplies you need for your Sphynx cat! They prices are good, all the information is great. This is the only place I’ll go back to get more things!

Melanie Bolich
Love it!

The shampoo and conditioner have been great for baby Sylvie's skin. She is so soft, and there is no rebound dirtiness after her bath.

Valeri W
Love the products!

the waterless shampoo on my sphynx that hates bathes is wonderful and the regular shampoo for my other sphynx is amazing. He has never been this clean for this long. He usually is greasy and grimy 2 days after my other shampoo. Renewed pet only from now on!!!

Felecia Crews
So much help

I have been so pleased with all the help and recommendations from Renew/Coach April! I’ve been more aware of stuff I do with my babies and things to get them etc. products are great and extended help means a lot as well!! My littles are enjoying a healthier life!

Stacey Todd
A Must For Xolos

I was very pleased how the shampoo and conditioner left our Xolo’s skin just after one use! Our little guy has some “rough” patches on his thighs and you can feel smoother skin and has less irritation. This may be intentional or not, but our other dog didn’t lick our Xolo to death after bath time. We had to stop using coconut oil because of the other dog licking it off him. Our Xolo wasn’t a fan of the wash gloves, he flinched and kept walking away from his “spa time”. We’ll switch back to his wash cloths. Thanks for a great product!

Gretchen Tosatto
Works great for my Xolo

The waterless shampoo is my favorite by far!!
I use the waterless shampoo and conditioner.
Quick and easy to apply - keeps my dogs skin moist, soft and acne free.