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awesome product

my dog is finally eating his food now that he is on FidoSpore probiotics. It is an amazing product.

Best products ever for my Sphynx

I love these products for my Sphynx kitten. His ears look amazing, his eyes are clean and the nail cleaner is amazing!! Also customer service is a kind and helpful when you have any questions. It is so nice to find a company that care for its customers and their hairless pets!!

Great company!

April has been so helpful with everything, got me all set up & helped me purchase my kits. What a great place, everything our new mommies need for their new Sphynx kittens! I use the products myself every time I preen my babies!!

A must have for sphynx cats!

I love these products but most specifically the ear wash. My sphynx boy is only a year and I have battled with massive ear gunk. When he was about 6 months old he developed an ear infection which most likely came from me using another ear wash product. I am happy to say the this ears look so cleansing using this product. The wipes are super handy and I really love the gloves that come with it. IT makes washing my squirmy guy easier!!
Thank you!

Wonderful Company that Focuses on Organic Care for Our Fur(less) Babies!

You can tell this company cares for our fur(less) babies and does so making organic products that are safe for them and the environment!

Fast and easy

It was fast and easy to order products,they arrived ti me in canada very quickly.

Satisfied with renewed pet

These products are amazing. Everything you said they will be. The shampoo and conditioner leaves my girl so soft and clean. The ear cleaner works the best I have found. And the nail cleaner..OMG! Truly amazing. I was shocked how easily it got her nails clean. Will forever be using this for my bambino..Only the best for my baby.


Was referred this company by a friend and I’m so impressed! Shipped super quick and will definitely be ordering more in the future for my sphynx cat!

Great shop

I love the natural ingredients and focus on sustainable packaging and that it is a small business. Will continue to purchase from this shop for my bambino and sphynx.

New Cat Who Dis

I can’t say that the product made my Sphynx love water but I do love the natural ingredients. I feel confident when bathing her, knowing that I am supporting a local business as well as keeping her safe!

Great products!

We ordered the waterless shampoo and the conditioner for our sphynx. The product is really high quality and exactly what I wanted for my baby. My only complaint is I wish that shipping costs were a bit more reasonable to Canada. Still, these natural wonderful products are worth it, I highly recommend Renewed Pet!

Great for my four sphynx babies!

It works quite well! The best I've found!

Great products for hairless cats

I love all their natural products and highly recommend. It is hard to find good quality products and they will answer any questions you have.


I love all of their products!! I knew I wanted organic produce for my kitten as I got her nice and small and this stuff is amazing! She stays soft and moisturized! I love how every time you message with a question they will respond!! I bought the large sphynx packer along with her eye remedy solution and extra dry wipes, every time it’s quick delivery. Satisfied 100%

The shampoo and conditioner for hairless pets is great!

This product works wonderful on my sphynx cat. I've used it since I bought him at 4 months old. He is now almost 7 months old and I bath him once a month. It keeps his skin smooth and silky clean with NO irritations at all. I love it!

Great products

I have five dogs total, one of which needs a renal diet, one has a heart issue and the other three don't have any issues. I absolutely love that there is a boneless version of the supplement needed to safely make my own homemade dog food with April's guidance. Great products and my dogs really seem to be thriving, not to mention in love their their dog food now!

ear cleaner

This is great. When I first started using this Love's ears were black when I used a cotton ball to wipe his ears. Now hardly anything gets on the cotton ball. He must of had a yeast infection. I still put drops in ever so often. Amazing stuff. It just comes to the top and no more cue tips. He is a Sphynx and has the cleanest ears. Looks great.

Excellent Customer Service

Fast responses on any questions and wonderful products!

Pinky Winkys Bath

Well she has hardly any hair. I adopted her and she was on the streets in California. She had burns from the sun and hair has been hard to grow back. I wanted something as a groomer myself that wouldn’t be so harsh on her pink skin.


These products last longer than you would expect and work even better. My Sphynx has had nothing but healthy skin since using these and he loves the compliments that come along with that. Directions are very clear and easy to follow - even if you are confused the informational videos on the website will clear everything up. Can't wait to use these products for life!

Ideal products for Sphynx cats

Skin, ears are getting better thanks to natural products. One of my cats has very sensitive skin, shampoo and conditioner helps a lot and now no more allergies.
Many thanks!


Thank you so much Absolutely brilliant product, ear cleaner.
Saffi, who is just over 11 years old, now has the cleanest ears she’s ever had and not a cotton bud in sight! Thank you so very much for quick delivery too(uk). Will definitely be ordering more products and 100% will recommend to everyone!


As I live in UK I was a little hesitant about ordering from USA. However,after reading all brilliant reviews about petcoachapril, I decided I would take a chance and order the ear cleaner.
Wow! Amazing stuff. Saffi's ears have never been so cleaner for so long and NO cotton buds!!
Thank you April. Will definitely order other products and highly recommend you.

Amazing stuff my kitten has sensitive skin and had dirty ears and now she’s clean I bathed soon as I got your products and haven’t had to bath her for weeks now.

I love these products

I really all of the products made by this company. They are natural ingredients, made by people who really care about animals. These products have done some serious wonders for my cats. I highly recommend.