Who We Are & How We Give

We are your ReNewedPet Holistic PetCare & ConsultsTeam! Pictured from Left to right is Wendy Arguin, owner/manager; April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H., (Associates in Science, Certified pet Nutritionist and Pet Master Herbalist.), founder/creator; Kelly Lear, artisan/shipper; Gary Boggs web design/tech support; along with our beloved pets, Apple the sphynx cat, Stubbin the BamBob cat, Aryel the chihuahua & Bailey the standard poodle.
ReNewedPet HolisticPetCare & Consults was founded in 2015 through the vision of the founder, April Arguin to provide better, safer, more natural products made especially for the hairless pet breeds. At the time of its conception, April was dealing with a severe skin allergy problem in her own cat Stubbin and was desperately trying to find him some relief. April had previously already become very interested in natural skin, and health care products, and had already been making personal skin care products for the previous several years. One day, while applying her own hand-made skin oil, she was just struck with the idea that what her cat, as well as all hairless pets needed, was a better solution for their unique sensitive skin. That was when the very first ReNewedPet product, the skin conditioner was born! Fast forward and ReNewedPet has now expanded into a team effort!
About your owner/manager: Wendy is currently dividing her time between her work as a supervisor at CVS pharmacy, as well as overseeing the general business aspects and growth and development of ReNewedPet. Wendy also is continuing to dedicate herself to breeding and raising amazing sphynx & bambino cat companions for families all across the country. Wendy, born and raised in rural NH has always had a deep connection to animals, plants, and the earth, and really enjoys her ventures with both working hands-on with the cats, and the development of this green business to serve the needs of pets while being kind on the earth. Wendy has now been working with and learning and loving the hairless cat breeds since 2009 and through that experience has a great deep knowledge and understanding of just how different these breeds are and the special care they require in diet, grooming, and health supportive practices to be healthy well balanced pets.
About your founder/creator: April has a long history in health and science with an AS degree in science earned in 2009, and a former practicing registered dental hygienist. April began breeding and raising the hairless cat breeds the sphynx and bambino back in 2006, and has since dived into the entire pet world to learn everything and anything she could to best care for the cats and kittens she raised as well as her personal dog companions. April is dedicated to continuing to expand her education beyond her AS degree, and received her certificate in feline nutrition in 2018, and she is now currently enrolled in a Pet Master Herbalist certificate program to learn all she can about the holistic health pet world and continue to expand the ReNewedPet holistic health products line. April continues to be dedicated to the pet community, and is currently offering online health and behavior consultations for pets, as well as working to educate the pet community whenever she can on the benefit and power of ancestral diets, and holistic health for pets.
About your lead artisan/shipper: Kelly is rather new to the small business world, only having been introduced to it through her friendship with April in the past few years. While new to the small business word, Kelly is not new to the pet world however, as she is a life-long dog owner and lover. Kelly has developed a great passion for what ReNewedPet is doing, and is proud to be a part of a greater movement to bring natural medicine and better health to pets and animals around the world. Kelly is currently balancing her time between her full time job in the corporate financial world, while putting her efforts into ReNewedPet. She strives to give everyone and their pets only the very best quality, and consistency of products, all while delivering the quickest shipping times possible for everyone; without sacrificing quality.
About your lead web design/tech support: Gary has from a young age always been drawn to being involved in the newest technology developments, and through his life he always continues to pride himself in keeping up with the latest technology advances. Gary has a previous history working in the technology science field both in his time spent serving in the Army, as well as at the prestigious Northrop Grumman. As a purple-heart recipient however, Gary is now medically retired due to his sustained injuries. Gary has graciously dedicated this passion to ReNewedPet to help meld the world of natural pet health with the best technologies to deliver the great customer experience on our website, as well as all of our ReNewedPet video editing to bring you the information you need to know how to use our products safely and effectively for the very best health for your pets.
We all greatly appreciate your continued support in allowing us to bring you the best products for the care of your pets every day and thank you for giving “The best of the Natural Life for your pets!”
Here at ReNewedPet we believe in using business as a force for good.  Not only do we ensure we are using only the best all natural, non-gmo, and organic products for the safety and health of your pets, but we are very mindful of the earth in all we do and use recycled materials in all of our packaging to keep our business as green and earth friendly as possible.  
Beyond this however, we believe in the great power of generosity; we believe wholeheartedly in the intangible power of giving more than you receive in this life.  In alignment with our mission to bring the best care to companion animals through our products, we have also chosen to use our extra time, energy and resources to help give care to the most vulnerable by fostering kittens.  We have teamed up with the Jacksonville Humane Society and we are listed as what is known as "Kitten Crusaders" which is a dedicated team of people give care to kittens who have been sick, injured or abandoned between the ages of 1 day to 12 weeks while they grow and mature to be ready for adoption! 
 Please follow our efforts in fostering on our FaceBook Page @PetHealthCoachApril as well as on IG @ April'sFosterKittens & consider placing a donation or purchasing a needed item on our Wish List!
Thank you for your participation in our charity efforts.