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NutriScan Cat Food Allergy/Intolerance Test


PLEASE NOTE:  On paperwork provided in test, please list ReNewedPet as company ordering and you DO NOT need to complete the credit card information as you have already paid for the testing, NutriScan will bill ReNewedPet after your test has been performed.  


For best test results do the following:


1. Withhold any prescription steroid and/or antihistamine prescriptions from your vet 


2. Fast your cat or dog for 12 hours prior to testing. Then on hour 11 use a clean cloth wet with warm water to fully wipe your pets mouth completely. This step is CRITICAL as any food particles remaining in the mouth will provide false-positive results and you will have to pay to have the test re-done.


3. Once you begin collecting saliva you can “tease” your pet with their favorite treats… but do not let them eat any, this “teasing” however will help them to create more saliva more quickly.


4. Do your best to collect what saliva you can within a one-hour time-frame, and even if you do not fill the saliva -collection tube, go ahead and mail the test kit in. Often the lab can work with smaller amounts, and if for any reason not enough saliva was collected, the lab will send you out another test kit for free so you can collect additional saliva; they will hold onto your original sample as well.


Nutriscan is the only clinically predictable diagnostic test for dogs, cats and horses to identify the commonly seen food intolerances and sensitivities in saliva.  It is not a test for the rarely seen true allergies to foods. The Nutriscan test is patent protected in the United States and internationally.

By contrast, swabs alone do not generate sufficient biological fluid to quantitatively determine specific food reactivities. Simple positive or negative results, for instance from tissue swabs, do not provide information about the specificity or sensitivity of the assays used.  Therefore, selection of foods based upon this type of information is medically and scientifically unreliable.

Please remember that testing for food sensitivities and intolerances with IgA and IgM antibodies is NOT the same as allergy testing. Allergies are more acute hypersensitivities caused from the release of different types of antibodies. Thus serum is NOT a reliable diagnostic fluid for testing food sensitivities.

Skin Patch testing and food elimination trials can also be performed. Patch testing is expensive, unsightly and undesirable when one side of your pet’s body has to shaved and tested. Food elimination trials need to last 4-6 weeks with each restricted antigen food source. This type of testing is costly, time consuming and shows poor compliance.

NutriScan- Real Science- Real Data-Real Answers. Give Your Pet The Gift Of Wellness!


ReNewedPet® is an affiliate with the Nutriscan company in promoting testing kits.  All test kits, laboratory testing and results will be done exclusively through the NutriScan company and all liability is exclusively with them.  

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Tanya Roberts
Best thing I ever did!

I couldn't figure out why my cat was sneezing all the time. Come to find out, he's allergic to turkey! I'm so glad I gave him this test before the holidays. I may have avoided making him really sick. Now we avoid turkey and I can rest much easier!