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Was able to try everything, loved it all! Got several to give as part of our welcome kits to go home with our kittens!

So far so good!

I haven't had a chance to use every product in the kit with my new kitten yet but so far I'm getting regular use out of the eye wash and ear cleaner. The water shampoo and conditioner smell great and I'm sure I'll love it even more as I get more experience bathing my meow. I love how the kit came with everything I need as a new cat mom. Excited to try everything, I'm sure they'll all be just as great.

Great product

We bought the sample kit for our Sphynx kitten without really knowing what we were getting or how to use the items. It was recommended to us by the breeder, so we figured it would be a good idea. I’m so glad we did! There are videos on the website of how best to use the items, and the bottles all come with instructions anyway. Also, the products are fragrance free (huge plus for my allergies). They work so well to get our little guy clean and moisturized. We bathe him every other week, and I’m always amazed at how different (clean and pink! Haha) he looks after his bath. We’re really happy with everything in the kit and will be re-purchasing when the time comes.


I ordered a variety of products to sample. Absolutely love the paw cleaner. It works so well and quickly. The shampoo and conditioner do a great job. My 2 cats do not get the oily buildup and are so soft. One of my cats has extremely sensitive skin. She would get a slight rash on every single shampoo I tried on her-until now, no rash! These are great products!

Ear drops are a miracle!

Feedback for ReNewedPet products - the kit of 50 ml samples.

I finally can give you some feedback you sure want :-) .
The package came all the way to Europe with no problems, kit was nice packaged and made me really exited (you can see me previous post).

There was:
Ear drops - God bless!!!!! Best product ever!!! Every naked cat should have it - it should be given with kitten as first food is. Everyone, you need this, its miracle! I used to use EpiOtic, which is good and clean efectively, but not inside. This is just amazing!

Glowes - Perfect! Love it!

Regular shampoo normal/oily skin - it doesnt make the foam so it will trick you to use a lot. It works, no bad skin reaction, all good. I would say it works as good as any other shampoo, so why not use this one from good ingredients :-). I dont know he long term effect yet, used only once.

Booty wash - I dont know what to think about that. First - it was amazing and I instantly felt in love with it! It works quick, great, its not cold as wet whipes and it works great. But after a while it looks like it keeps the booty dirtier in a long term. Using it every day it gives my cat that lite brown circle around, like old guys have. I dont like that at all ... So a went back to the wet whipes and circle is gone and not comming back. The problem is that cat hate wet whipes in her begind and dont mind this booty wash ... so, tought decidion!

Tooth brush - nice human wooden one. I used it, but I think its a little too hadr so I gave my kitty my old wooden one (basicly the came, but black and softer), which is softer. Works good.

Tooth paste - cat likes it. But its a problem, she wants to eat it and is chewing during brushing. So I use just salt water, and she hold still and its perfect.

Claw brush - nice soft wooden one. I tried it on my cat, but I didnt like it much. Wet whipes are better. But I like the brush so kept it for myself :-D

Nail&Paw cleaner - I tried and was not amazed :-( Wet whipes are better (it works, just wet whipes are easier)

Eye wash - works, no bad reaction. I just feel like water works the same (and water may be warm)

Waterless shampoo - works good. Clean what I need. I would recomend for smal dirty area. But in two days the same spot, where I drywashed, was dirty as hell. The rest of the body was normal clean. ... So, good to ged rid of something really dirty quick on one spot, but I will not use it because it makes cat dirty very quick again.

Regular conditioner - I dont like it much. First I didnt get what it could be good for, because we have no hair :-D. But I used it, it felt nice. But after few hours the cat was not as smooth as before the bath and it took the week to get soft again. It felt like the skin is oily? sticky? not really, just not smooth and easy to pet (yes I whiped it with a towel as instruction says). So I dont think I will use it again.

So, I am happy I tried it all and I bought. But for future, I will order big package of eardrops, maybe bootywash and probably even shampoo. Glowes are amazing, but I dont need more. Maybe other people will be happy for the rest of the products, I think I dont need it again :-)

I wish the best the ReNewedPet and please continue with your work. I cannot wait for another amazing products like eardrops!
Sorry fot the long text. ... oh, and i think you can add the claw cutter in the package ;)

Anna and Genie