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Devon Watts
Great intro to products!!

this was my first purchase from renewed pet and I'm very satisfied. the starter kit was great to introduce me to all of the products. the bath shampoo is tricky getting used to, no matter how much I use I cannot get it to lather in the gloves so its weird trying to clean them like that but I know its working because the gloves get so dirty and the cats are sparkling clean coming out of the tub. the conditioner is really nice putting it on their skin and I don't feel like they are greasy, that was my main concern trying it out. the ear cleaner is absolutely amazing but watch for when they try to shake their head! one of my cats must have an over production of the ear gunk because her ears are constantly black, so with using the ear cleaner every time she shakes her head it brings the gunk out so I have to continuously wipe her ears. the first time using the nail and paw cleaner I was amazed how much black ear gunk was under their nails and the skin all around the nails, that is a must have product! the booty wash does make it easier to clean them up in that sensitive area. I have not tried out the waterless shampoo yet because my cats tolerate the water. I have not tried the toothpaste either. the eyewash works well but I really want to try their eye remedy duo because one of my cats always has inflamed eyes with discharge. so clearly I will be purchasing from renewed pet again! you will not be disappointed and your Sphynx's skin will thank you!

Kaitlyn Clegg

I absolutely love these products. I just got my first sphynx cat and have used these products on him every day so far.

Rhonda Martin
Everything I need!!

I belong to a facebook group that April has and everyone there talks so the products so I had to see for myself when I brought my Sphynx home. When I opened the box there were instruction cards which were super helpful, the shampoo and the gloves exfoliated his skin and left him so clean and smooth. His skin was a little dry when I got him and the conditioner heled that right away leaving him smelling so nice and his skin so silky and lovely. I then used the ear cleaning drops and his ears werent that dirty but i got so much dirt out of then just following the instructions and wiping the outside. Next was the eye wash again i was surprised how dirty his eyes were. He was not happy about it but i did his nails and foot pads with the nail cleaner and brush and then brushed his teeth. He is one clean baby and a week later he is not greasy at all and his skin is still nice and conditioned. I plan on getting full size bottles of all the products and recommending them to everyone with animals. I am so happy with these products and the fact tgat there are no chemicals. Thank you April and the ReNewedPet family for making such great products for my hairless baby.

Lizette Martinez

The sensitive kit for hairless is so good . I’ve been cleaning my girl ears with the ear cleaner and it’s has helped remove all the wax safely . I love renew and I just ordered supplements. I love safe and clean products thank you

Annette Quiroz
Love your products

My sphynx has sensitive skin using your products helped clear it up! Favorite item is ear cleaner helped with all that wax. Will be repurchasing