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Rachelle Parsons
Excellent Products with unexpected Brilliant Results

Our sphynx’s has very sensitive skin so we were nervous when going to try these products. We spoke with April to get guidance first and received support and advice that you don’t receive anywhere else. We bought the entire kit and cannot recommend them highly enough. We use the waterless shampoo for every day face wiping to remove oil and grease (photos attached) and the eye wash is the only thing that removes the eye gunk our sphynx gets every single day, we don’t have to scrub hard, just gently wipe and it removes it with a cotton ball. We absolutely love the booty easy and love that his butt and surround is so clean as having a light colour sphynx usually means a not so nice area. Our sphynx actually loves his toothbrush and often even enjoys chewing it on its own for fun lol. We love the fact that you put the conditioner on afterwards and leave it on and that the gloves are long lasting and definitely help with removing hard to reach dirt. Our favourite thing of all which we believe has changed bath times is the hat. He hates wearing hats but loves wearing this hat! And I feel better about bathing him knowing that I can’t get water in his ears given sphynx are prone to ear issues, it’s made from a great material that is so easy to put on and pull off during bathing, easy to wash. Overall I will be a very happy customer for life knowing that these products are made from the very best natural ingredients with experience from sphynx owners. Please review my pics to show you the difference these products have made to our lives. Thank you Renewed Pet!

Kelly Parrish

I loved these products, especially the waterless shampoo.


I ordered the 4-HAIRLESS PETS *CAT SENSITIVE KIT + REUSABLE PET WIPES + Healing Skin Salve for my 2 sphynx cats.
Until now, I only used the shampoo, conditioner, pet wipes, booty wash and I really love all of them.
It was always a bit of a struggle to give them a bath, but it was much more relaxed after I checked your how-to-use videos with great tips!
The use of the shampoo with the exfoliating gloves removes a lot of dirt and the conditioner makes their skin really soft and more healthy!
The only downside, the products itself are already quite expensive, they are worth their price, but I'm from Belgium, so I had to pay even 50 eur more on customs dues.
So please open a store in Belgium :-)

Nicole Kolenic

This stuff is AMAZING!! I’ve been using bay shampoo for all my sphynx’s. It’s always worked okay but always thought it was too drying for them. I used these items and the difference after one use is INSANE. They are cleaner and softer than they have ever been EVER. I’ve always known oils helped break down oils but never made the connection that sphynx skin is kore oily and needs a different type of soap/ shampoo for their skin. Seriously impressed. So glad I spent the money getting these products for my precious hairless babies. Plus they usually have more sensitive skin so this stuff is a plus with that as well!!

Dawn Urbanowicz
Great stuff for Sphynx cats!

I got the trial pack for my adult Sphynx, and I’m so happy with all the products! I was particularly interested in only a few (ear drops and nail cleaner) but the trial pack was great and now I’m considering buying more of the ones I tried in this pack!