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4 Hairless Pet Sensitive Skin Grooming Kit

We recently ordered and received our products and so far used once and was easy to use and to know it is safe on my kitty is why—I Love, box has everything inside that we will be using for her. Thanks RenewedPet

Great For Kittens!

I ordered this (sensitive skin) box as soon as I got my (then) 10 week old kitten. Five weeks later, we are still in the process of using everything, but the goods which we use most are:

Ear Care: Rue has really gunky ears. I followed the included directions and put the ear care in each day for a week. It helped. I am on week 2 in which I put drops in her ears once a week - and there is definite improvement!

Sensitive Shampoo: This stuff is hydrating and absolutely amazing. Good lather, distributes well.

Conditioner: I put this on after bath and think it's the most amazing and useful product in the box. Rue is silky smooth after bath and I think this product helps her avoid getting immediately dirty (We bathe once a week).

Booty Wash: Another hydrating, thicker consistency, easy to use product.

Nail Care: Degunks the nail crud better than you think (I don't use the included brush yet since Rue's paws are so small).

Eye Wash: Keeps the eyes clear, easy to apply.

Toothpaste: Rue likes it, but we're working on building up that habit!

Washrag: I use this even more than my loofah scrubby gloves. Rue doesn't like the water, so I prop her on my leg and run this wet, soapy washrag over her back. It helps acclimate her to easing into her bathtime.

Sunscreen: This gets hard in the container so use the warmth of your hands to soften it up for effective application. Applies well, not sticky nor too heavy.

None of these products are fragranced but are PACKED with nourishing hydration so your n00die doesn't get dry, cracked skin. Good products to use as we're going into winter months where this really matters!


Since I adopted my new little Sphynx baby I’ve been using this kit to the fullest! I feel better knowing that these products are all natural and not harmful to my new baby. My favorite things so far is the conditioner and the pet nail cleanser! The conditioner keeps him smelling good and clean for longer and the pet nail cleanser cleaned his nail so well it’s amazing!

Great product

I love love love the nail cleaner works so well. Dobie was pretty obsessed with his new little toothbrush. Currently using the black head treatment. Great little package!!

4- hairless pets ultimate grooming kit

My sphynx smells and looks absolutely amazing. He doesn’t really give me a hard time when it comes to bath time, and when I take him out the sunscreen really helps. I love that I got everything that I need to clean my cat all in just one big box and it was under 200 dollars!!!