IMMUNE HEALTH COMBO / Immune Boost I & Liquid Vitamin-C

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This helped my babies through a nasty cold

All 3 of my cats came down with a nasty URI. It was pretty brutal on them and it hung on for weeks. In conjunction with some other meds, I got them on this and the immune boost powder and after a few days it seemed like they finally turned the corner. I really think this contributed to their recovery and I plan to keep it on hand just in case! I'm so happy to have Renewed Pet products in my life and love that these are thoughtfully made with clean ingredients!

Nicole Day
Great Stuff

Great product to add some vitamins to your cats diet. I feel it really helps my cats overall immune system!

Great product

Just started my kitten on these to help boost her immune system from being on several antibiotics related to her clogged tear duct. Pleased with the products :)

Monique Dabadie

I started my kitties on the immune boost 1 along with the liposomal vitamin c, and I am so excited how much renewed energy and vigor my 6 month old kitty has now. He was recently treated for mycoplasmosis, as well as a corneal sequestrum, and the regimen he was on really knocked his poor body down. His eye requires surgery soon, so I wanted to build his resistance back up, and boy did these products work. So excited!! Definitely recommend!!!