Size - HALF SIZE 4 OZ.

ReNewedPet® grooming and health products are Holistic Vet Approved, and each made with only 100% natural, non-gmo, and organic ingredients.  We use only the finest sourced ingredients which help extend health and longevity to your pets along with health-promoting, earth friendly ingredients, and packaging.




Hairless Pets Regular Bath Shampoo

BONUS: Pair Bonus Exfoliating Bath Gloves






ReNewedPet® 4-Hairless Pets Shampoo: This all-natural pet shampoo is made from only the finest natural, non-gmo and organic ingredients! This shampoo was specifically formulated to care for pets with regular to oily skin. Formulated for unique needs of hairless pets whose skin requires more oil and less soap to moisturize and prevent "re-bound" oil build-up, keeping their skin clean and healthy for longer periods of time between baths.  Formulated for best efficacy when used only on hairless pets.  


Put on exfoliating Gloves. Wet your pet. Place liberal amount of product into the palm of one wet gloved hand, then massage hands together quickly to produce lather. Rub onto pet starting with head, avoiding eyes and ears. Rinse thoroughly. Apply pet conditioner immediately following the rinse while pet is still wet.


Ingredients: organic coconut oil soap, fractionated coconut oil, organic vegetable glycerin, organic hemp seed oil, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic honey, alcohol-free vanilla extract, non gmo vitamin e oil.


*Only the best natural, non-gmo and organic ingredients; purchased solely from US companies.

*All products and ingredients are safe for cats, dogs and select products for use on other large and small animals.

*Formulated by April Arguin A.S., C.P.N, P.M.H (associates in science, certified pet nutritionist & pet master herbalist).


"Give your pets the best of the natural life!"

~Team ReNewedPet®


DISCLAIMER:  ReNewedPet® is not liable for any individual reaction that may occur resulting from use of our products.  Our products provide gentle, non-irritating ingredients.  However, as all pets are different, we do recommend that you always check for sensitivity by performing an allergy patch test, or a reduced dose of any oral supplements prior to the initial use of any new product.  A patch test is performed by applying a small amount of product, as instructed; wait a period of 24 hours.  If any redness or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use, and contact your veterinarian. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
Kathleen M

I love this product so much for my naked boy it works wonders ! I want to buy everything on here. The shampoo and conditioner are so amazing and leave me sphynx looking perfect!

Natalie Fernandez

I have a 1 yr old sphynx named Prince Hairy. He's the love of my life & the breeder we got him from recommended renewed pets for him. I've been using the product for him ever since. It works great on removing all the oil & build up even between the creases in his toes.

Susan Potter
Worth every penny...and then some!

I purchased my Bambino Sphynx two years ago, the best decision I EVER made! I did hours and hours and hours of research as to what cat food would be best to feed her but did not realize how VITAL the right skin products would be as well!

I am pretty sure I tried just about every shampoo at the upscale pet stores, Amazon of course, and word of mouth specialty items which can be purchased online as well. I even tried the cheap stuff wishing for a miracle. Nothing worked well for her; that is until I read about Renewed Pet.

I was hesitant to order, I will admit, due to not only the price but the fact there is no return policy. Regardless, I placed an order for a sampler pack because it was obvious nothing else was working. OH...MY...GOSH! Do you know why the prices are higher than other products and there is no return policy offered? BECAUSE YOU WILL FALL IN LOVE WITH THE RESULTS! These products will blow your mind and transform your hairless animal's skin! The shampoo, conditioner, booty cleaner, ear cleaner, nail cleaner - BUY IT! Buy it all!

The transformation in my cat's skin and over all wellbeing is due to ReNewed Pet products! Seriously, their products are bar none. You can keep trying and struggling and spending with other items recommended for sphynx, but this is the real deal. Not only are they fantastic but they last forever! Don't let the size of the products offered make you think they disappear quickly, every item I have purchased lasts for months and months and months. You just won't believe the longevity.

The color of my cat changed after using the product, the oils on her skin subsided, the stripes on her back disappeared and she has not suffered any more blackhead break outs. I also don't have to bathe my cat as often now that we use these products as her skin is so healthy!

It's worth a sample pack try but trust me, you will be back for more :)

Molly Greenfield
Best hairless shampoo

My cat changed colors when I used this product the first time. We had no idea my car was so light pink. Trust me we washed him with normal cat shampoo regularly but this stuff really is perfect for hairless skin and helps continuously

Pegah Heidari
Best shampoo

I have been using this shampoo on my sphynx and it takes the body oils right off him. Very easy to use shampoo unlike some of the other ones on market. Thank you for the great and EASY TO USE product!