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Roger Dupuis
Best hairless pet product

It’s the only thing we use on our furless princesses. Keeps their skin soft and less oily

Meghan Barker
Clean baby!

My hairless cat is so oily and gets dirty quickly. All the renewed pet products keep him cleaner longer. When I would clean him with baby shampoo he would get clean but then the next day get oil built up again making him look “dirty” I use the shampoo, conditioner, eye cleaner, eye drops, and nail cleaner.

Must have

Really helps calm down the skin. love how it leaves a nice layer of moister on the skin. No more worries of my Bobby’s skin drying out or braking out in a rash again.

Cora Roberts
Helped my babies

I've been using the regular shampoo and conditioner on my two boys but recently they have developed rashes from bad pet heating pads (i threw them out and will be replacing with lamps) so I figured I'd give this a try. Well I am overly impressed even just after one use so far! My red boy's bad rash already looks so much better and the smell of the shampoo is delicious as well. We love your products and they have changed my naked kitties in such positive ways.

Thomas Gillespie
Shampoo and conditioner for dry skin dog

Our little chihuahua/mex hairless/ russel terrier/ mutt, loses her hair as soon as it gets cold, regrows it during the summer months. Her skin has began to get dry, scaly and generally problematic for her last few years. We would use coconut oil and shae butter after bathing to soften the issue but it was only good for a very short time. After trying this shampoo and conditioner from Renewed , her skin is staying very soft. She seems less irritated and she doesnt seem to jump sporadically as if she received a shock or flea bite. I have to say this stuff seems to be helping her and i will continue using it as long as we continue to see positive results.