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Samantha Unterseh
Definitely recommend

If you have a hairless pet, this is a must! The shampoo and conditioner help my spynx look and feel so clean. This is a great product

Angela C.
We ordered the sample kit

We got the sample kit which included the loofah gloves. That was a game changer for our Xolo and his skin! The gloves really help to exfoliate the skin and get the products onto the skin. The conditioning oil really made a huge difference for our boy. The winter has dried his skin out so it has made his skin so soft without being greasy.

Kimmie Drenk
Great product

My sphynx loves this product! It keeps his skin so soft and is perfect for his sensitive skin. It’s the best product we have found for him!

Tiffany Turman
Shampoo and Conditioner

I have a little Sphynx and she was getting super dirty. Every time I gave her a bath, she would be just as dirty the next day or the shampoo I used would dry her skin out so bad. I heard around the Renewed shampoo and conditioner so figured I would try it out to just see. At this point, I was willing to try anything. The shampoo got her super clean and the exfoliating gloves that came with it were amazing. The conditioner left her skin moisturized without making her super oily. It like balanced her skin out perfectly. I do not have to bathe her every week anymore either. This stuff really works! I just want my baby happy and healthy. If you have a sphynx, you know the struggle is real trying to make sure their skin is ok, their diet is right and so on. Super happy I found this company.

Angela Ballard
Absolutely great products!

My 2 Mexican Hairless dogs aka Xolo have very well improved skin from using these products! Highly recommend! The oldest one had acne all the time, not anymore. Just wish I purchased bigger bottles! Will do that next time. And the shampoo and conditioner for Sensitive skin has also worked wonders!