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ReNewedPet® grooming and health products are Holistic Vet Approved, and each made with only 100% natural, Non-Gmo, and organic ingredients.  We use only the finest sourced ingredients which help extend health and longevity to your pets along with health-promoting, earth friendly ingredients, and packaging. 



ReNewedPet® Nail/Paw Cleaner:  This all-natural Nail/Paw Cleaner is made from only the finest 100% natural, non-gmo and organic ingredients to gently remove built-up debris on your pet’s nails, nailbeds, and paw pads. Nail and paw debris is often caused by a combination of dirt, litter, dust, and even chronic over-growth of yeast.  Many of these chronic yeast over-growths however, go highly un-diagnosed.  ReNewedPet® nail/paw cleaner is designed to not only remove unwanted debris, but to arrest the cause of the build-up so it does not return after a few days like with other products. Suitable for all pets with or without fur. 





The primary phase helps to reduce the initial build-up of debris which may be caused by a chronic yeast infection.  In this phase, use a cotton pad and apply small amounts of cleaner onto both nails and nailbeds; allow product to sit on nails for a minimum of one minute.  Next, use old toothbrush or nail brush to gently brush the nails to further loosen the debris. Lastly, using a clean cotton pad continue soaked again in product, continue to remove all debris.  It is very important that this be done daily, or the product will not work as intended. 

Three days after the primary phase is complete, check your pet’s nails.  If all debris has not returned, you can continue with the maintenance phase.  If after three days, debris has built up, continue with daily application for another period of 1 week and then recheck. 



Once you have completed the initial primary phase and all debris is cleared, you are in maintenance phase.  To maintain future good nail/paw health, clean your pet’s nails once every 1-2 weeks as needed.

*Be certain to use daily in the Primary Phase. 


Ingredients: organic witch hazel, organic vegetable glycerin, colloidal silver, organic shea butter, fractionated coconut oil, organic aloe vera oil, non-gmo vitamin e. oil, tapioca starch, proprietary blend of herbal extracts.




*Only the best natural, non-gmo and organic ingredients; purchased solely from US companies.

*All products and ingredients are safe for cats, dogs and select products for use on other large and small animals.

*Formulated by April Arguin A.S., C.P.N, P.M.H (associates in science, certified pet nutritionist & pet master herbalist).


"Give your pets the best of the natural life!"

~Team ReNewedPet®


DISCLAIMER:  ReNewedPet® is not liable for any individual reaction that may occur resulting from use of our products.  Our products provide gentle, non-irritating ingredients.  However, as all pets are different, we do recommend that you always check for sensitivity by performing an allergy patch test, or a reduced dose of any oral supplements prior to the initial use of any new product.  A patch test is performed by applying a small amount of product, as instructed; wait a period of 24 hours.  If any redness or irritation occurs, immediately discontinue use, and contact your veterinarian. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Great product for sphynx nails

This works great on a Q-tip around the base of their nails, helps to take the black gunk off, and the discoloration of the nail themselves.


Finally an easier way to clean their little dirty nails. It softens the dirt and makes it so much easier to remove. Thumbs up!

Laura Arciniaga
So Good!

This nail cleaner is really great. I have two sphynx’s and use this to clean their nails. Once set on the nails for a bit, I use a small cotton pad to wipe all the buildup around the nails off.

The best product

My crex boy has had problems with his nail beds;gunk and yeast infections following. His greatgrandfather had this same issue but I didn't know about this product then. Wish I had. This stuff is amazing, followed the instructions (7 days daily,then once a week) and his nail beds are healthier than ever! Thank you for sparing me with useless vet visits (that I had with my old cat). Now I can just use the nail and paw cleanser and my cat has gotten used to it! Thank you!

Louise Ciampi
Nail cleaner

Works well and gentle on my Cleopatra’s sensitive paws.

Philene Harston
You need this nail cleaner

This product makes grooming a cinch. Just soak a cotton pad and apply to nails and nail beds. It loosens nail crud and it wipes right off. Love this stuff!

Chloe McQuestion
gunk cleaner

it really helps loosen the gunk & i have noticed the cat can even help me get some of it off. it makes a huge difference from just using water

Michelle Garrison

Dissolves the yucky toe gunk so easily.

Delia Walton
Great nail cleaner for sphynx

My kitty has very dirty nails and this product has really helped keep him staying cleaner longer. Easily gets all that gunk off.

Susan Hebert
Amazing cleaner

This nail and paw cleaner is the best. It so easily takes off all the oil buildup that my nakid gets on her nails. Since I’ve been using this weekly I’ve noticed her oil has decreased significantly.