5 MORE Tips for Sphynx Cat Parents!

5 MORE Tips for Sphynx Cat Parents!

5 MORE Tips for Sphynx Cat Parents!

5 Tips for New Sphynx Cat-Parents - Part 3!

Welcome to the third installment of our power-packed guide to keeping your fabulous furless feline optimally happy. We've already conquered the basics, so now it's time to dive into some cherry-on-top tips to elevate your kitty to the upper echelons of Sphynx cat care. By incorporating these suggestions into your daily kitty care routine, you’ll create a paradise environment for your Sphynx companion which will allow you to reap the ultimate reward of sharing your life with one of these hairless wonders – endless purrs!

Are you ready to transform your Sphynx into a blissful purr machine? Then read on…

Tip 1 - Good Quality Harness

Let your Sphynx cat strut their stuff like the true trendsetter they are in a good quality harness that also has head-turning fashionable flair.

Just like humans, getting your Sphynx cat outdoors for some fresh air and exercise can really elevate mood, reduce stress and lead to an overall feeling of wellness. But it is important to take your cat outside safely, and that means investing in a high-quality harness for all your fun outdoor adventures.

I personally use this harness for my kitty Stubbin - it is great for outdoor exercise and for securing him in the car in his travel bag or open car seat on the way to the vet.


Tip 2 - Master the “Zoomies” with an Exercise Wheel 

Sphynx cats are notorious for their lightning-fast bursts of energy, commonly known as the "zoomies”, and need a physical outlet for this. If your lifestyle doesn’t allow for regular outdoor adventures or you live in a cold climate, you should consider an exercise wheel for your cat, if you can afford it. 

Not only will it go a long way to quell the spontaneous acrobatics and mad, lightning-quick dashes around your living room, but it will support your cat’s emotional well-being and improve their general daily behavior.

Tip 3 - Familiarize Your Cat With Their Travel Bag 

You should work to get your kitty used to their travel bag from the start to avoid problems later. Do this by:

  1. Leaving the bag out and open in their area so they can freely explore it in their own way.
  2. Put yummy treats inside the bag for them to find to entice them into it independently (check out my recipe for irresistibly delicious homemade treats).
  3. Take them on short trips in the bag, either walking or in the car to acclimatize them to being inside it, gradually increasing the number of minutes incrementally.

Following these easy steps will show your Sphynx cat that their travel bag is a safe and happy place. Then when you have to go to the vet, they will be familiar with and comfortable in the bag, greatly reducing their stress and making the trip a more pleasant experience for both of you.

Tip 4 - Extra Litter Box

To integrate your Sphynx cat into your household with no issues always make sure you have one more litter box than the number of cats. This way, every(fur-less)body has plenty of clean litter box space to do their business in a peaceful and low-stress way.

Check out my recommendations for choosing the best litter box for your pets here and as always remember that your Sphynx cat will do best with hypo-allergenic litter

Tip 5 - Feeding Bowls

The best type of feeding dish for your Sphynx cat is either a ceramic plate or a shallow stainless steel bowl - never feed your kitty from standard plastic bowls. Due to their porous nature, they are a breeding ground for bacteria that can make your Sphynx cat sick.

Your cat prefers plates and shallow bowls because they reduce whisker stress and chin acne that are caused by using the typical deeper pet bowls

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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