All about Answers Brand Frozen Raw Pet Food!

All about Answers Brand Frozen Raw Pet Food!

All about Answers Brand Frozen Raw Pet Food!

Answer's brand frozen raw pet food is one of the lesser known frozen raw options currently on the market.   They include pastured, organic whole duck, raised on local Pennsylvania family farms. Using only Global Animal Partnership (GAP) – rated sourcing, we ensure our animals are humanely raised and handled. The organic ducks are free to roam and forage, living in their natural pastoral habitat under low-stress environments. With the highest quality and standard of ingredients, there are no antibiotics, no synthetic vitamins, no chemicals, no preservatives or genetically modified ingredients.


Overall I find answers to be a really great company, and love the sourcing of their ingredients, and the formulas overall.  They have a good variety of protein options for both cats and dogs which is great and all of the diets are complete and balanced for all life stages.  

I do want to highlight a few issues I take up with their formulas however for you to consider when choosing this brand to feed to your pets. 

  • the formulas all contain chicken eggs, which a fairly sizeable percentage of pets both do not like and are sensitive to causing GI upset. 
  • whey is a milk product and a large portion of pets can also be sensitive to milk products causing GI upset.  
  • same issue with the raw goats milk in each formula, and dog formulas have butter and kefir, again all possible allergens. 
  • lastly in the cat formulas the only vegetable they are using is carrot fiber which is a very lacking vegetable nutrient profile; I prefer to see at least 3,4 different vegetables and one low-glycemic fruit for an ample vitamin/mineral profile.


Overall however the brand quality is good, and if you have a pet who is not sensitive to any of those common allergen ingredients, it could be a great diet.  The fermentation is also very unique processing and may be greatly beneficial for some pets gut health.  If feeding to cats however, I would recommend either adding in a small amount of pureed green vegetables to make up for the lack in the formula, or rotate each week with feeding an alternative raw brand which is more vegetable inclusive.  (click here for full list)


Keep those pets healthy and happy!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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