Are Skin Problems "Normal" for hairless pets?

Are Skin Problems "Normal" for hairless pets?

Are Skin Problems "Normal" for hairless pets?

Are Skin problems normal for hairless pets?

Is your hairless pet struggling with skin troubles? I so frequently get messages about skin problems in hairless pets, and many people seem to think this is just a common occurrence that is typical of the hairless breeds.  However this is Absolutely NOT true! 

Often times, these skin problems can be corrected with the right use of products for their skin. Products free of synthetics, which clean, moisturize, and most importantly balance the skin pH to prevent breakouts, over-drying, or oily skin reactions.

This image shows one of our sphynx cat customers whose skin rash of unknown etiology (cause) was completely healed after just a couple weeks of bathing using our NudieNaturals restorative shampoo and conditioner.  

Don’t wait to find out for yourself, just how much a specially formulated all natural product really can make a difference in the life of your your pet!

"Give your Pets the Best of the Natural Life!"


~Your NudieNaturals founder, 

April Arguin

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