Do you know what MOST pet grooming products use to make it "smell-good?"

Do you know what MOST pet grooming products use to make it "smell-good?"

Do you know what MOST pet grooming products use to make it "smell-good?"

MOST cosmetic companies use harmful synthetic ingredients to give you that “scent” you like.

Let’s talk about scents... did you know that MOST pet grooming products, or any cosmetic products for that matter have synthetic scents? 

What that means is the company is adding chemically derived “fragrances” to the product simply for the purpose of it “smelling good.”

These fragrances add no functional purpose to the products, and are serious disrupters to your pet's body, as the synthetic ingredients are absorbed into the skin which then need to be processed out through the liver, and kidneys.  Unfortunately, over-time with repeated use, these synthetics build-up in the body and can attribute to serious health conditions including cancers.

NudieNaturals products are not made to “smell good”... although most people find the simple, light, fragrance from the natural ingredients nice... our objective is to give your pets a fantastic product that does the job it is meant to, with no added S#&@!  We have received multiple reports as well, that people have found a noticeable change in their pets temperament during bath time with the use of our products; and we can't help but believe that pets with their keen sense or smell  can be very aware of harmful chemicals in other grooming products.

Check those labels everyone!  If you see a lot of big words you can't pronounce, unnamed "fragrance" and added dyes like FD&C #5 etc.  Throw those dangerous products out and make a healthy switch. 


Give your pets the BEST of the natural life!


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