Are there CHEMICALS in your pets grooming products?

Are there CHEMICALS in your pets grooming products?

Are there CHEMICALS in your pets grooming products?

Are the grooming products you are using safe for your pet?

One of the things I love most about promoting NudieNatural’s products is that feeling I get of knowing that every pet that is now using our products, is no longer supporting companies who use synthetic and chemical ingredients in their pet grooming products!  Also, every one of our products is earth-friendly, not adding to the major problem of disrupting our ecosystem through chemical pollutants in our water-ways. 

We may still be just a small, hand-made company, but little, by little, we are chipping away at the block!  I would love to see the day when all pet products, and human products for that sake, no longer have any chemical derived ingredients.


Ingredient list of a widely used baby shampoo often used on hairless pets:

What do these synthetic ingredients do to your pets?

1.  Irritate the skin; can cause rash/hives from allergic reactions.  Yes allergies can, and do happen from time to time with natural products as well, but far less likely that from synthetic ingredients. 

2.  Chemical ingredients in grooming products can disrupt your pet’s hormones leading to alterations in metabolism causing a whole host of problems.  It is important to note that these disruptions do not happen immediately, they happen slowly over time as chemicals build-up in their bodies. 

3.  Your pet may seem just fine using that synthetic laden product now, but after a few months, or even years of use cellular damage you can’t see is occurring. Chemicals will disrupt the immune system which leads to more risk of serious infections, altered immune-function, and yes even cancer. If you don’t believe skin-care products can really lead to cancer, simple look up the law-suits against Johnson & Johnson.

You don’t HAVE to use our products, but please DO read the labels of everything you use of your pet’s, the skin is the largest organ system and works like a sponge, bringing into the body everything applied onto it.  Be sure you are applying ingredients which will boost your pet’s health, not break it down. 

"Give your Pets the Best of the Natural Life!"

 April Arguin, RDH, CPN, P.M.H.



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