Are Your Pet’s Toys Toxic?

Are Your Pet’s Toys Toxic?

Are Your Pet’s Toys Toxic?

Are Your Pet’s Toys Toxic?

As a pet parent, you probably love spoiling your cat or dog with tons of different toys. But did you know that the toys you give your pet could be affecting their health?

Synthetic Pet Toys

Many pet toys on the market today are made of synthetic plastics. Not only that, but fabrics often have different chemical sprays on them. Even the dyes in the toys are all synthetic chemicals!

Over time, as your pet plays with these chemical-laden toys, it can really negatively impact their health.

Switch to Organic Toys

Get rid of your chemical synthetic toys and switch your pets to all-natural toys instead. One of the places I shop for organic toys for my pets is on Etsy.

Just type in “natural cat toys” or “natural dog toys” and you’ll see there are many small businesses out there that make great quality organic toys from natural resources. Often they are made from 100% natural wool, chicken or duck feathers, or even the hides of different animals the seller is raising on their farm.

All of these are much better options for your pets. Make the switch today to some healthy, all-natural toys for your pets!

Keep those pets healthy and happy everyone!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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