Pet-Tip of the Week!
This week I launched my new series "All about canned dog food," and we begin with what are the benefits of a canned dog food versus a kibble diet! Also, keep an eye out my completed "all about canned cat food" compilation video will be coming out next week. In the meantime, you can find all of the 12 videos in the series posted on my you tube channel including the most popular
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The Benefits of a Canned Dog Food Diet versus Kibble:

- Canned food is rich in MOISTURE which is vital to your dogs organ systems and more closely matches what your dog would naturally be consuming in their natural prey-diet; which is fresh and rich in moisture.  Dry food is exactly that, DRY and offers no beneficial water nourishment. 
- Canned foods also have a higher protein content than dry foods, with good quality brands (list coming soon) offering as high as 85% protein which again matches what our canine companions would be naturally consuming in their wild diets of prey animals and limited foraging.  Dry foods, which need to be shelf-stable in a bag for extended periods of time, are not able to offer as much protein nutrients and are made of high carbohydrates ratios and often "empty-carbs" which offer little to no nutritional benefits. 
- Canned food diets while healthier than kibble diets, are still an easy and convenient form of food to feed your dogs, with only the need to pop open a can and serve twice a day (3-4 times for puppies). 
- Canned food diets are highly accessible; available at all box retail pet stores and online pet food retailers.
- Canned food is an affordable way to feed your dog, with many quality formulas available for as little as .15 cents per ounce.
- Compared to the nutrient calorie intake, well selected canned food diets will actually cost less than kibble.


Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.