"Benefits of a Canned Cat Food Diet!"

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I'm super happy to be back!  That was an un-expected break which was meant to be only one week, but thanks to a new unexpected turn in my health challenges ended up being 2 weeks since I have last wrote to all of you amazing pet-parents - but no time like the present they say right!  

Today I am also excited to be kicking off the start of my new series titled: "All About Canned Cat Food Diets!"  In this series we will be exploring everything you need to know about feeding canned food to your cats; why is it a good diet, what to look for when selecting a canned cat food, the best brands, also the down-falls of a canned diet.   In the first part of this series I wanted to kick it off with just giving a quick over-view of the Benefits of a Canned Cat Food Diet.  

 Although a canned diet is not my top recommended diet for pets, if a quality product is chosen this can be a good health-promoting diet if a pet-parent isn’t able to currently feed a fresh diet.

Benefits of a canned food diet are:

1.  It is WET - our cats need moisture in their diet since they do not have a strong thirst-drive.
2.  It is higher in protein to meet our cat’s obligatory carnivore needs.
3.  It is lower in carbohydrates than kibble-diets.
4.  It is affordable.
5.  It is easily accessible.

As I said above, a canned diet is NOT an ideal diet, because it is still processed not fresh food, so I always recommend making sure you are adding as much fresh foods as possible to your pet's diet AND adding a great quality Pet Vitamin to help balance out any lack of nutrients being consumed regularly.   We are happy to be an authorized retailer of Nupro Whole Food Pet Vitamins for Cats & Dogs, which are fantastic, I have personally used on my pets for years, affordable, and EASY to serve even to picky cats like my boy Stubbin... they just munch them down like a treat!  15% off all vitamins for 1 week only starting today shop HERE!


"Give your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

Sincerely, your PetCoach

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.
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  • so glad you are putting in the effort to slowly switch your kitties off the dry food will be a big help to their health!

    April Arguin on

  • I just bought 2 I am using up the last of the dry food and have cases of high quality wet food stocked up because I have 5 cats and getting a baby sphynx June 7th. I bought the freeze dried treats that they will not touch but hopefully they will.


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