Best Cat Litters for Cats with Urinary Issues!

Best Cat Litters for Cats with Urinary Issues!

Best Cat Litters for Cats with Urinary Issues!

If you saw my recent blog post, you may already know the fact that some cat litters can actually not only be unhelpful for your cats with urinary issues, but can actually be the cause of them!  This is due to the fact that some litters made of organic materials, like corn, wheat, soy, grass, walnut shell, tofu, paper, wood etc., are not very good at absorbing moisture form your cats urine, and if your cat is not good at keeping their bottom out of the litter when they squat to pee, or not good at cleaning themselves after litter use, these litters can build up fungus or bacteria in the moisture and infect your cats urinary system. 


So what cat litters would be a better choice for your cat who has experienced previous urinary issues? 



The BEST litter you can use in this situation would be Pretty Litter, because it not only is made form silica gel which is highly absorbent eliminating the risk of building up harmful bacteria or fungus, but also because it has a unique patented urinary health detection system in the litter.  This litter will give you a color indication every time your cat goes to the bathroom, which let's you know if their urinary system is currently healthy, if they have an active infection, or if perhaps their urine PH is too acidic or too alkaline indicating a need for a vet visit.  


The next best litter you can use is an all natural hypoallergenic dus-free clay litter like Dr. Elsey's brand, which will not include the urine health indicator, but will absorb urine well and prevent the chance of growing those harmful mycotoxins in the litter.  


If your pet has experienced previous urinary health issues, be sure to check out our all natural herbal Urinary Health Remedy as well as our Pet Vitamin C, both extremely helpful to prevent future urinary health issues! 



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.

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