Catnip now is an Oil for your Cats!

Catnip now is an Oil for your Cats!

Catnip now is an Oil for your Cats!

 You are probably accustomed to the dried plant version of catnip, or perhaps you have even given your gat some fresh catnip before or even grown fresh catnip for your cat inside or in an outdoor garden, but did you know that catnip also comes in an oil?


Catnip oil is simply the extraction of the catnip plant oils after being placed in solution for a period of time.  A tincture of any plant can be made with either alcohol or vegetable glycerin, I do not recommend any alcohol tinctures for pets, so I only use and recommend the more pet-friendly glycerin extract form. 



What I love about catnip oil is the versatility it can be added to your pets food, or directly into their mouth, or drops of the oil can be placed directly onto their toys, or scratchers or climbers, anything you want them to engage in.  It can be useful also as a digestive aid, not only for the fun "cat-high" effects, but catnip plant is very helpful to calm upset stomach for the occasional digestive upset in your cats or dogs, or for those pets who deal with ongoing issues like IBS/IBD.


Check out our 100% natural glycerin based Catnip Oil on our website! 



Keep those pets healthy and happy everyone!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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