Cranberries for your Pets Urinary Health!

Cranberries for your Pets Urinary Health!

Cranberries for your Pets Urinary Health!

Cranberries are a Natural easy way to help Prevent or Treat UTI's in Pets!  

You may have heard that cranberries are good for your bladder health.. well guess what... we can use them for our pets as well!
cranberries for pet urinary health

Cranberries are a great natural way to help prevent bladder infections, also known as UTI’s in our pets.  This is due to a compound unique to cranberries called proanthocyanidins which prevents pathogenic bacteria from the ability of grabbing onto the lining of the bladder and replicating causing pain, burning and bleeding.

You have a couple of options for adding cranberries into your pets diet to help prevent or treat the flares of UTI's:

1.  You can use a Cranberry Powder Supplement like the one pictured above.  You MUST be sure that the supplement you use however only contains cranberry and has no other additive ingredients which may be harmful for cats and dogs.  Add the powder directly into your pet's food or treat.  When using a cranberry capsule, you want to split the capsule into a dose of about 1/5th the capsule per 10 pounds of your pet's body weight.  If you pet has an active infection you can double this amount, 2-3 times per day. 

2.  You can also choose to purchase fresh cranberries (do not used dried because they are too high in sugar.)  You can put the cranberries into a blender with a small amount of water or bone broth, just enough to make the cranberries into a thick liquid blend and add directly into your pet's food or treat.  You should use about 1 TBLS daily per 10 lbs of pet's weight, or again, you can double that if your pet is actively having a UTI flare.  

I recommend the addition of cranberries as well as preventative herbs like our Kidney/Bladder Relief to be given regularly to all pets who have suffered with one or more UTI’s in the past as a great prevention tool!

STAY TUNED...  more on keeping your pets healthy in my next series on LITTER BOXES - all about them, what are the best kinds, where to place them in your home, what is the best cat litter and more!  

Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents and "Giving your pets the BEST of the Natural Life!"

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Sincerely your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.
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