Does your Pet have Enamel Hypoplasia?

Does your Pet have Enamel Hypoplasia?

Does your Pet have Enamel Hypoplasia?

Everything You Need to Know About Enamel Hypoplasia and How to Prevent It!

Have you brushed your pet’s teeth lately? If you’ve noticed that they don’t look as bright as usual, you might be concerned. This could be a symptom of enamel hypoplasia.

What is Enamel Hypoplasia in Pets?

Enamel hypoplasia is a condition that can happen in your pet’s teeth. It’s caused when damage occurs while the teeth are forming.


This damage could be due to widespread inflammation in the mouth, or maybe even a simple viral infection that caused your pet to have a high fever.

When this happens, the enamel, or white outer shell of your pet’s teeth, becomes damaged. If your pet experiences this condition, you will probably notice their teeth have lots of staining or appear almost yellow in color.

 In addition, some breeds of pets are simply prone to the condition and it is simply a genetic defect, not caused by and illness or injury.  

Can It Be Treated?

Unfortunately, enamel hypoplasia can’t be reversed. Once the damage is done, it’s untreatable.

Depending on the severity of the condition, the teeth may need to be extracted to avoid bacterial and other mouth issues. If you suspect your pet has enamel hypoplasia, you should visit your veterinarian to see if their teeth can be saved or if removal is the best option.

How to Prevent Enamel Hypoplasia

Since the condition has no cure, prevention is your best way of fighting it. The best thing you can do is make sure you’re keeping up with regular vet visits, where they can also do dental checkups and cleanings for your pet. You may opt for fluoride treatments to help too.

Another simple way to prevent enamel hypoplasia is by regularly brushing your pet’s teeth. Check out our pet toothpaste and gum cleanser which comes in both cheese and catnip flavors!

Keep those pets healthy and happy everyone!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.

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