Does your Pet need ORGANIC Fruits & Vegetables?

Does your Pet need ORGANIC Fruits & Vegetables?

Does your Pet need ORGANIC Fruits & Vegetables?

Does Your Cat Need Organic Fruit and Vegetables?

We all know that conventionally grown fruits and vegetables are sprayed with pesticides and synthetic chemicals. There are many reasons for this, with cost-effectiveness being the most significant. We know that this impacts our health and has lasting effects on our bodies, so most of us purchase as many organic options as we can.

But have you thought about this for your pets?

A well-rounded and organically fueled diet is essential for your pet’s well-being and optimal health. As a responsible pet parent, I urge you to ensure that you are including as many organic fruits and vegetables in your pet's diet as possible.

Most conventionally made pet food diets are not using organics - even prescription diets contain ingredients that could be harmful. If a pet food includes organic ingredients, it will say so on the label - if it doesn’t have “organic” on the label, then you know it contains synthetic ingredients.

Personally, I advocate for a homemade diet for your pets. This is the only surefire way you can be sure of exactly what they are getting nutritionally. It also allows you to provide greater dietary variety as you can select your own organic fruits and vegetables and decide what to include in each batch of food.

There are two companies that I can recommend who do use organic fruits and vegetables in their pet foods. They are Small Batch and Primal brands. 

Before you feed your pet any commercially produced food, be sure to do your due diligence and check the ingredients so you can be sure you source good food for your pets that includes organics.

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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