Don't Give Your Cats THIS Water!

Don't Give Your Cats THIS Water!

Don't Give Your Cats THIS Water!

Just like us, our cat’s body is made up of 80% water so what you give your kitty to drink every day is super important. 

Have you thought about what type of water is best for your kitties?



One type of water you don’t want to give to your pets is plain tap water that hasn’t been filtered because it can contain too many impurities that can be harmful to their health. The most common of these are fluoride, chlorine, and other heavy metals like iron. Iron in large quantities can build up in the body and make our kitties sick, Other chemicals in hard water can lead to gastrointestinal and urinary health issues among other things.

A great option for our cats is to use a water filtration system like the one that is built into your refrigerator or your faucet. This will help to filter out all of the impurities from plain tap water and make it much safer for your kitty to drink. If you don’t have one of these built-in options check out the best water filters for 2023 here.

An even better option is natural spring water. I get this type of water home delivered from a natural spring here in Florida called Zephyrhills Springs. If you’re outside of Florida, you would need to Google companies that do this in your area. Spring water is going to be clean and purified but will still contain all of the healthy minerals that your cat needs for optimal health.

Lastly, if you're blessed enough to have an alkaline water system in your home this is the number 1 choice of water to give to your pets.

Also remember, one of the best ways to ensure your cat drinks plenty of water every day is to get them a water fountain to drink out of. I use this ceramic pet drinking fountain and Charlie and Stubbin love it! 

It is also a good idea to place several stainless steel bowls filled with fresh, clean, and pure water around your home to give your pet plenty of choice and opportunity to hydrate.


Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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  • the best water for our cats is alkaline water, next best is natural spring water, then reverse osmosis water.

    RenewedPet on

  • I have always given my cats distilled water and always in stainless steel bowls. Would spring water be better?

    donna on

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