Dry Shampoo - for EASY Clean-Ups!

Have you tried DRY PET SHAMPOO for your cat or dog yet?  If not you are really missing out!  Our dry shampoo has really been taking off the last few months!  This is a simple powder shampoo that you sprinkle onto your pet's fur and massage into their skin as an easy way to neutralize any odor, exfoliate their skin and keep them fresh and clean between water baths. 

We designed this shampoo primarily for use for our furry pet friends, however, we have had many hairless pet parents as well using this on their hairless babies who hate baths and also did not tolerate our 4-hairless pets waterless shampoo because it is a liquid.  One woman messaged us to profusely thank us as her 4 year old sphynx had not been able to have a bath in over 2 years because of her extreme fear of liquids, even pet wipes, but she was able to gently massage her with our ReNewedPet dry shampoo and exfoliating gloves and she looked world's better and happier afterwards!