Foods to Protect Your Pet from Bacterial Infection!

Foods to Protect Your Pet from BACTERIAL Infection!

I talk a lot about feeding your pet a fresh, raw diet and its many benefits. Most people with concerns about the change to this diet are worried about the potential risk of a bacterial infection from eating raw meat. 

Surprising Fact

The ironic thing about the concern over a bacterial infection is that studies show your pet has a higher risk of getting a bacterial infection from commercially made pet food. This is because more commercial-made canned foods and dry kibble foods per year are recalled due to bacterial contamination

How to Protect Your Pet

Regardless of the type of diet you have your pet on, there's always a risk of contamination somewhere along the food chain and process. However, there are some natural additives you can add to their diet every day to help prevent a gastrointestinal bacterial infection. 

You can add parsley, alfalfa grass, kale, kelp, ginger, or even small amounts of garlic to your pet's food. All of these foods have natural antibacterial properties. These foods work so well that even a lot of commercial-made pet food brands are beginning to add them into their foods to give your pet the added benefits each day! 

Adding these ingredients into your pet's diet, along with a probiotic and other additional ways to protect them, will help your pet be happy, healthy, and safe every day!  


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.