How to Keep your Cat our of the Christmas Tree!

How to Keep your Cat our of the Christmas Tree!

How to Keep your Cat our of the Christmas Tree!

How To Keep Your Cats OUT of the Christmas Tree!

If you’re a cat owner like me, you know that the holidays come with unique kitty challenges. Namely, the Christmas Tree. 

Cats just can’t seem to resist pouncing and climbing the tree, but there are a few things you can try to help deter your cat away from such an important holiday decoration! 

Option 1: Training

One option is to move the cat's scratching tree or climbing tree next to the Christmas one, so your kitty has another high-ground area to jump onto when curious about the tree. 

An even more proactive approach would be to clicker train your cat: reward them with treats when they stay on the cat tree. When they look at the Christmas tree but don’t try jumping, give them a lot of their favorite praise. 

After a while, they'll associate learn that they get more rewards when they don’t jump on the tree. If you have a particularly stubborn kitty, you may want to keep a bowl of treats on standby all season long! 

Option 2: Oranges

Oranges have a very strong citrus smell, which can be too much for many pets. Though citrus is not harmful to pets, they do tend to avoid it, which can be used to our advantage!

Fresh oranges have the strongest smell, especially the outer peel. Peel the oranges and let the peels sit out to dry overnight. Spread these natural citrus air fresheners around your tree, especially at the base.

Another option for using orange to deter your cats from your Christmas Tree is to make your own deterrent spray. Take some orange essential oil - make sure it is pure and from a trusted source - and mix a few drops into a spray bottle with water. Spray your mixture liberally around and on the tree. 

Feeling Creative?

If your cat is particularly determined to get to your tree, you could try the creative approach! Recently, I saw someone build a 3-foot-tall plexiglass protector around their tree… and it worked!

I’ve even seen people opt for a tree hanging from the ceiling, so the possibilities of protecting your tree from your kitties are endless with enough creativity!

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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