Did you know that IBS/IBD (irritable bowel syndrome) does not have to be a life-long condition for your pet?

Conventional medicine has very little answers for healing this condition only masking symptoms. However some simple things is typically all it takes to heal your pet 100% of symptoms!



1. A switch to a high quality balanced frozen raw or fresh cooked diet. CLICK HERE   OR  Learn how to make your own correctly balanced fresh home-made pet food diet.  CLICK HERE
2. A digestive enzyme which will allow your pet to more easily fully and correctly digest their food leading to a reduction in strain and inflammation on the intestinal tract. CLICK HERE
3. A probiotic that actually works - check out our website for a great quality probiotic approved for both cats and dogs: CLICK HERE

90% of the time these changes resolve all symptoms… but if your pet is still symptomatic after these changes there are many additional things like our GI Health Herbal Blend, and other targeted anti-inflammatory supplements like Pine Bark which can help. 


If your pet's problem still persists, please schedule a consultation with our certified pet nutritionists, PetCoachApril who has experience in healing hundreds of pets from IBS/IBD conditions through natural medicine. 



Keep those pets healthy and happy!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H.