Natural Alternatives to Chemical Heartworm Prevention!

Natural Alternatives to Chemical Heartworm Prevention!

Natural Alternatives to Chemical Heartworm Prevention!

If you are like me, you might be leery of giving your pet a chemical monthly heartworm preventative.  I have two dogs and one cat and have now not given any conventional heartworm preventions in over 6 years and all of my pets are 100% healthy and free of the disease!  I want to share with your the techniques I use to keep my babies safe form heartworm naturally.


1.  Do not go outside during the peak mosquitoes times dusk and dawn (except for a quick potty when necessary).

2.  I use our ReNewedPet all natural flea/tick/bug repellent before going outside for walks, or playtime in the yard, to the park etc. PURCHASE HERE

3.  I am certain to keep their immune systems very strong and healthy by feeding a species appropriate FRESH cooked or fresh frozen raw diet.  Find my top recommended brands here:  TOP RECOMMENDED FRESH PET FOODS

4.  We also give a daily probiotic to help ensure good digestive health which leads to good immune health.  PET PROBIOTIC

5.  Twice a year I give a natural deworming remedy to help clear their systems of any possible parasites, not only heartworms.  NATURAL PET DEWORMER

6.  To ensure they are free of heartworms, I also have them tested twice a year at our vets office which is a very quick, affordable and easy.  This way just in case one of our pets were to become infected, we would detect the infection and be able to treat which is a very affordable quiet safe easy process before the infection were to reach maturity which takes one year. 


I know it is often hard to go against the grain in society, most all veterinarians and even fellow pet parents might advise you against giving up the monthly chemicals, but ultimately we all have to inform ourselves and make the best choice for us, I know I was very nervous the first year or two I made the switch for my dogs, but now after 6 years I am confident it is the right decision for their health and I see they are the healthier for it.  



Keep those pets happy and healthy everyone!  



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H. 

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