What to do if your Pet has a COLD/VIRUS!

What to do if your Pet has a COLD/VIRUS!

What to do if your Pet has a COLD/VIRUS!

What to Do if Your Pet Has A Cold

Some pet parents have asked me about a natural alternative to traditional antibiotics when their pet has a cold. Whether it be bacterial or viral, it’s actually a great idea to treat a cold with natural products. Antibiotics can actually weaken your pet’s immune system.


Why Natural is Better

Traditional antibiotics disrupts your pet’s natural gut flora. The bacterium in their stomach is actually good bacteria and helps your pet digest their nutrients. Antibiotics rid the stomach of not only the disease-causing viruses and bacterium but will also strip away the good bacteria. In the long run, this could make your pet’s immune system weaker.


Immune System Boosting Kit

The best natural way to help your pet overcome a cold is to give their immune system as much support as possible. You can do that with ReNewedPet’s Immune Health Combo Kit! Our kit contains an immune boosting powder that is full of powerful herbal ingredients which acts as natural antibiotics.


The Combination is Key!

We combine these powerful ingredients with our liquid vitamin C. When used in conjunction with each other and a balanced, healthy lifestyle it can help your pet boost their immune system and fight off a number of bacterial or viral infections.


Keep giving your pets the best of the natural life!



April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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