Prevent Urinary Stones in Pets!

Prevent Urinary Stones in Pets!

Prevent Urinary Stones in Pets!

If you have ever suffered with a urinary stones you know just how down-right awful and painful they can be and they are just as awful for our pets as well, with the additional risks of serious complications if our pet is to get blocked, or simply stop urinating due to the pain.




Good news is, there are many very simple, natural and affordable things you can do to prevent a urinary stone in your pet!


1.  Be sure to be feeding a FRESH diet which is rich in moisture like a fresh-cooked or frozen raw diet.  Find my top recommendations here:

2.  Test your pet's urine PH to be certain it is properly balanced no too acidic, or too alkaline. 

3.  Feed a properly balanced diet not excessive in minerals. 

4. Use a daily urinary health supplement to keep urinary function strong with healthy voiding habits:

5.  Supplements such as Dl-Methinione, Chitosan, Manose, Vitamin C can all be helpful to minimize future stone risks, be certain to work with a trained pet nutritionist to help you formulate your pet's diet correctly!

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