Remove This Common Danger To Your Cats!

Remove This Common Danger To Your Cats!

Remove This Common Danger To Your Cats!

As pet parents we want what is best for our cats. We take the time to ensure they eat good food that nourishes them, we take them to the vet to be checked out and vaccinated (not over-vaccinated) and we take all sorts of precautions to keep them safe when they go outside.

But there is a really common danger that is often overlooked - have you ever considered that your cat’s climbing tower could pose a threat to their safety?



Most climbing towers come with some kind of hanging toy or ball attached for your kitties to play with. You should remove these immediately before allowing your pet to climb and play on them as there is a risk that your cat can become entangled in the string.

Through my many years of experience working in the pet health sphere, sadly I’ve heard of kitties getting their feet or tails tangled up and needing amputation. There is also the very real risk of strangulation if your cat gets the string tied around their neck while they are playing. It’s best to buy one like this which has no attachments or if you are a handy person there are several DIY tutorials (like this) to make your own. 

Playtime is fun and necessary to keep your kitties healthy and happy, but please only use toys with string under your supervision and ensure that any climbing tower or scratcher you buy is safe before letting your cats play on it.

We offer the best cat toy on our website here - it's a wonderful playtime accessory for you and your cat to enjoy together. You can also buy many attachments to change out so your kitty doesn’t get bored with the same toy. Always put them away safely after playtime so your cat cannot come to any harm. These squiggly worm attachments are Stubbin and Charlie’s favorites.

Don’t make the mistake that many pet parents have in thinking it won't happen to you - taking 5 minutes to cut off a few dangling balls is a quick and easy way to ensure that you won't come home from work to a horrible accident. 

Keep giving your pets the best of natural life!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., M.P.H

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  • oh no! we hope the surgery is successful!

    RenewedPet on

  • My cat has surgery scheduled for tomorrow for a bowel obstruction…likely caused by him EATING the sides of his new scratching pad. OMG…looking at around $4,000 for this little incident. I threw that damned pad away.

    Valerie on

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