Should You Give Your Pets Multi-Vitamins?

Should You Give Your Pets Multi-Vitamins?

Did you know that you should be giving your pet a multivitamin? This is something that is easily overlooked by pet owners.

Maybe you’ve never thought of it this way, but just like with humans, a multivitamin can be greatly beneficial to your pet’s overall health.



Why Multivitamins Are Important

Unfortunately, many of our food sources today are deficient in essential nutrients that used to be provided by the earth’s soils, which were much richer in minerals and vitamins fifty or sixty years ago.

With that said, it’s more critical than ever to be giving your pets a multivitamin even if you’re feeding the best quality food possible.

A good multivitamin will balance out the necessary nutrients your pet needs to keep them in great health.

Choosing a Multivitamin

I personally only use and recommend a multivitamin that comes from natural food sources, not synthetic vitamins that are made in a lab by humans.

The product that I use and love is Nupro Nuggets, which comes in a nugget form for cats and a powder for dogs. You can find both versions in our shop here!

Keep those pets healthy and happy everyone!


April Arguin A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.