Welcome to the hairless-cat approved breeders map! As a group, we can personally only vouch for LiLNudists Cattery as that is our network and know everyone to be amazing breeders and raise beautiful healthy quality kittens. You can view all the available babies @ www.LiLNudists.com. However, we do also have an approved breeder map we have created, to help other breeders promote their catteries, and to help future adoptive-families to find kittens available in the areas LiLNudists Cattery is not local to. These breeders all at least meet the minimum qualifications for scanning regularly for HCM (be sure to ask or CURRENT HCM scans on parents of any kittens considered), also they offer at least a 2 year health guarantee against HCM, and perform early spay and neuter for the protection of the cats and the future of the breeds. Each breeder met these minimum requirements when first added to the map, but you MUST do your own research as we do not have the resources to maintain a yearly re-approval process.

We are not paid to promote, nor are we offering any guarantee about quality of kittens or experience with any of these catteries.