The BEST Cat Carrier I have ever bought!

The BEST Cat Carrier I have ever bought!

Stubbin and  I want to tell you about this Awesome cat carrier that I found last year!  It is made by the company "EliteField" and Stubbin and I just LOVE it!

What is super cool about it is that is has expanding side walls on both sides, so the surface area can literally double that of a typical cat carrier. 
It also has lots of mesh so he can see out of it very easily, and lots of pocket storage space which mommy loves so she can store his toys, treats, water dish and medical records when on the go!

This carrier also comes with a great shoulder strap, can be seat-belted into any vehicle and is airline approved for our jet-setting kitties out there!

Click the image below to check it out for your kitties!

Thank you for being GREAT pet-parents!!!

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Sincerely your PetCoach,

April Arguin  A.S., C.P.N., P.M.H.