The Product I wish EVERY Hairless pet owner knew of!

I am talking about our waterless pet shampoo!  Of course I have a huge passion for all of our products and the wonderful benefits so many of our products bring to the pet community. However, the waterless shampoo is one product I really wish every hairless pet owner knew of.  I can’t even count how many comments and messages we receive every week thanking us for this shampoo and how much of a difference it has made for them and their hairless pets who used to be intolerable during bath time.   Some of these pets literally hadn't had a good bath in years before their owners tried the NudieNaturals waterless shampoo with success.  

If you struggle at bath time with your pet, or your pet simply gets oily and dirty quickly and you would like a quick, easy way to clean them up between regular bath time, you really need to try our waterless shampoo formula.  It has a very pleasant feel that the pets all seem to really take to, and it is very simple to use.  Simply rub it on using the included exfoliating gloves, then wipe of the excess and you have an all natural, clean, moisturized happy pet!  



View our how-to-video to see just how EASY it is to use!